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Problem with rotary controls and Dash8

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I'm new to LINDA and I'm trying to setup the Dash8 and I'm having some issues with the rotary controls. I've got Linda setup and the MJC8Q400 profile loaded and most controls work fine, except for the rotary controls.

I'm using Saitek Radio and Multi panels, from which I try to setup the rotary controls for the AP HDG, CRS and ALT setting and the Main Index Panel VSpeed, BARO and HD/MDA. When setup, the controllers assign to the right functions, but all of them change with at least a value of 2 or more and if I have to dial a greater distance, it goes very, very, very, very slow.
For example, when dialing in the barometer value, I cant set odd numbers only, it only jumps from 1012, to 1014, to 1016, etc, or for the MDA, when I want to to set, say 850, I keep turning the knob endlessly before I finally get to that value.

Another problem I'm having is that I cant find find where to assign rotary controls for the Radio dial.

What can I do to setup those functions properly?


LINDA: 2.6.3 v2

Module: Majestic Dash 8 Q-400 v1.3

Sim: P3D 2.5.12946.0

Aircraft: Majestic MJC8 Q-400 1.015

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Hi Demious


The Saitek Radio & Multi panels functions were provided by Cooly. I would have to do some research to answer your problem. I am sorry but at the moment other 'real world' work prevents me doing so. I also do not own these panels so R&D is difficult. The Saitek functions are in common.lua.


For the VRI Combo panels, you will find fast and slow functions for the rotary switches. It might be possible to adapt this to your problem if you wish to look until I can get onto the problem.

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Hello ,


I'm experiencing the same problems with the Q400 and the saitek multi panel, the knob is very very slow, specially when changing ALT, CRS or HDG, also it seems that the SPD displays the altitude in Metres whereas it is displayed in feet in the Dash 8 .

I have looked at the common.lua but it is far too much beyond my (limited) knowledge. I was wondering if anyone has found a solution?


LINDA: 2.6.8

Module: Majestic Dash 8 Q-400 v2.3

Sim: P3D 2.5.12946.0

Aircraft: Majestic MJC8 Q-400 pro 1.018



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