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Airport not showing in FS listing?

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Is it enabled in your scenery library ?


Yes. I installed several of the other airports from the same site no probs. They come as a simple zip file with scenery and texture folders. I created a Bontang folder in my FS Addon Scenery folder, dropped in the scenery and texture folders from the zip and added Bontang through FS as per normal. Should've worked like all the other airports did but with this one still has no listing for WALC or Bontang. Figure something must be missing in the WALC scenery folder but I have no idea what. I even installed and added through FS twice to make sure I made no errors. 

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Is there an AFCAD file in the WALC scenery folder ?


You just solved the issue! Yes, there is an AFCAD. After your post I checked it and found there was a little problem with it!

On the scenery website the ICAO is shown as WALC. The AFCAD shows the ICAO as WRLC!

I go into FS, search WRLC and ta da! There it is!

Not sure why the airport didn't show under a Bontang search, I might've still had the wrong ICAO in the FS window maybe.

Regardless, doesn't matter now, issue found and solved!


Thanks Peter! Much appreciated!

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And just to finish this thread completely:


Bontang is not an airport in my country or one I am familiar with.

In my second post I typed Bontang without the 'n' as Botang on every occasion and later edited the errors in my post.

I likely made the same mistake when typing Bontang into the FS search window and that's why it didn't show under a name search!


There you have it, just like on Air Crash Investigation a series of small errors can bring an aircraft down, a series of small errors in FS can bring FS scenery down! lol

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