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Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Thrust Lever Issue

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I've noticed an issue with my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke that keeps occuring every flight. When I push the thrust lever forward there's this one position at which the aircraft suddenly deploys full thrust. Thing is, the lever is nowhere near full thrust but rather close to idle. Pushing the lever further forward past this particular position results in the engines spooling up according to the position of the lever like it's supposed to be. This pretty much ruins every approach unless I land with autothrottle engaged. Any advice?

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Try This as at has worked for me in the past.


 Calibration Fix

If you are finding that the axes on your controller are not travelling through their full range of movement and/or are not centering correctly then try these fixes.


To recalibrate in Windows, first remove the USB plug for your controller from the PC.

Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the letter R. This will open the Run box. Type regedit and then click ok.

The Registry Editor will have a list of folders on the left hand side. Go down into the following folders in order by clicking the + next to the folder name.

+Media Properties
+Private Properties
+Direct Input

Delete any folder inside the Direct Input folder that begins VID_06A3.

Once deleted, close the editor, then plug the USB back into the original port. Move all the axes of the controller through their full range of movement four times.

Now go to Control Panel > Game Controllers > Properties to check the axes on the test screen. If the issue persists then test the controller on another PC to see if the issue is replicated. If it is replicated then it is most likely a fault with the controller which will need to be replaced if it is still within warranty.

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Sorry for the (very) late reply.


Thank you for your effort. It has improved in some way but it is still there so it really seems to be a malfunction of the controller. That is well out of warranty though, I'm afraid.

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