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SLI settings please win 10

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Hi, I am starting another thread as my last request for help got lost in sea of replies slagging off win10 and people saying told you so......


Basically, to all people running win10 and an SLi setup, would you mind sharing your NI, NVCP and in game settings, as my P3d install is running at around half the speed it used to before I updated to the final build. Used to get around 50 FPS, now around 25. 


I know it can work very well, I had it working very well, but the elusive combination of correct settings eludes me for now...thanks


PS, I have looked on Robs's site, but there are 2 different pages of NI settings there for 2 drivers, neither of which I am using ....(353.62)

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Thanks for the advice David, but how can one set of default settings possibly be correct for all the different hardware set ups etc that possible users may have.........? There are like 40 different settings any one of which could have and does have a big effect lord knows how many combinations that is..........and any number of combinations of more or less powerful cards, monitors, GPU memory etc........the default settings cant be right for all of those......not to mention NVCP, for example, do you need to set anything there, or leave it default ? What am I missing here? I like to understand what I am doing........and I dont understand how this could be. Also, I tried the sim when I first installed the new system build and NVI without changing anything and that was where I got the worst performance. I tweaked a few settings and managed to get it about 20% better, but that was it..........


rgds, Mark

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P3D doesn't really respond to NVI. Very few settings actually work. SSGS with heavy clouds destroy's performance.

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