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Recommended 3D settings for EVGA nvidia Geforce GTX 750Ti

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Hi all,

This is my first purchase and install of the Nvidia brand of video cards (Radeon/AMD since starting the hobby 13 years ago). Installed the above card and so far, performance-wise the card is pretty fast and stable (frames locked at 45 and holds steady for the most part). However, I've tried a few different settings for antialiasing, etc, but can't seem to correct what seems to be an excessive amount of shimmering around the airport scenery and ai planes (using FS9.1 by the way). The ground textures and autogen seem to be ok. I'm using the stock Nvidia Control Panel to make my adjustments (antialiasing is turned off in the sim).

My system specs are: Alienware Aurora R2, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit (service pack 1), Intel i5 CPU 760 @2.8 gHz, 8gb Ram, and using FS9.1.

Are there preferred settings that can maybe improve the amount of shimmering in the airport scenery (the latest video card drivers are installed).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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People tend to use Nvidia Inspector (NI) to manage Nvidia GPUs. The application overrides the Nvidia control panel 3D settings and offers access to additional driver features e.g. AA modes.

1) Try searching the forums for FS9 settings which are very similar to those for FSX.

2) This is for FSX but should be helpful.

3) I place my NI in it's own folder in Program Files for house keeping.

4) Remember to check that the NI profile is associated your FS9.exe file and to save the profile after making changes.

5) I found that Sparse Grid Supersampling helped with shimmering (apparently some shimmering can be because of bad scenery design).

6) In FS9 set Antialising unchecked.

Q1) What graphics card do you have?

Q2) Are you using any FS9 cfg tweaks?


NI settings I use for FS9 (other settings are at default):


Antialiasing - Behaviour Flags = None

Antialiasing - Mode = Override Any Application Setting

Antialiasing - Setting = 8XSQ [or 8XS]

Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling = 4X Sparse Grid Supersampling [or 2X... ]


Anisotropic filtering mode = User-defined / Off

Anisotropic filtering Setting = 16x

Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias = Clamp

Texture filtering - Quality = High Quality


Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration = Single display performance mode [i'm using a single monitor]

Power management mode = Prefer maximum performance

Vertical Sync = 1/2 Refresh Rate [my monitor is at 60Hz so I set my FPS limit to 30 in FS9]


Also FS9 cfg graphics tweaks I use:









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