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PMDG and Radar Contact V4.3 Keyboard Commands.

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I'm not sure if I've discovered an incompatibility of not. I was flying a flight plan using the PMDG NGX P3D 737 and using Radar Contact v 4.3. I noticed that every so often the engines would both cut out and then restart automatically and continue. Looking into the inner workings of the PMDG NGX I found a set of key commands Shift-Control-F2 for Engine 1 Idle, Shift-Control-F1 for Engine 1 Cutoff, Shift-Control-F4 for Engine 2 Idle and Shift-Control-F3 for Engine 2 Cutoff.
It happened on the taxiway approaching the assigned runway when I still had command of the comms. It happened again in the air when the co-pilot had control of the comms.
Does anyone know if there are internal software keystrokes generated within RC4.3 that may be issuing the above mentioned Engine Cutoff commands?
I flew a route without RC4.3 and didn't have the issue. It happened about 6 times several minutes apart while using RC4.3.
The engines shut down, the cockpit display did not display any warnings and the engines came right back to life after sputtering for a moment (each time.)
I don't have any joystick controls set for the function of engine cut off.
I have disabled the PMDG set of key stroke commands and I will report back after I've investigated further.


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Start up RC and look at the keyboard tab. See what the (changable) RC assignments are.


I use the FS9 B737 series. I noted if I used the keyboard option on the FMC/CDU keypad it intercepted about all of the numeric RC commands so be careful of that issue.


AFAIK RC is incapable of using function keys. It can use the alpha/numeric keys with the added ctr and shft megakeys. If you assign a function key you might see a one in the RC assignments but it might store as F1 as an example. This would require hand decoding the assignments in the keyboard dat file. Just reassign the RC commands as you wish but not pressing any function key.


If you window FS and click on the PMDG in FS menu line it will drop down the options for the PMDG including the keyboard assignments. Check on those conflicting with your FS assignments.

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