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PC12 Runaway Start

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I post this to hopefully help someone else that might have the same problem I did.   I run P3D v2.5 with all current hotfixes.  When I got the PC12 I went to Cold & Dark and then proceeded through the checklist.

When I got to the Engine Start every time I would start the engine (with ignition AUTO) it was at full torque and would runaway right through parking brake and across the airfield. The only thing that slowed it down was moving power lever in Beta range but by then I was off my stand and out of position.  The other issue I had was with this process when I hit the starter the prop would spool up but never actually get engine start until I pushed the ignition button to ON.  Then it would start but with the runway condition.


I searched the forum here for an answer with marginal results and some that said  "There is nothing wrong I was just doing it wrong".


After a lot of playing I found that if I change the checklist slightly it solved my problem.  So if you have a similar issue try this and see if it helps in your system. 


Set the Ignition to ON instead of AUTO; then proceed will the standard checklist from there.  It started normally after I push the starter button and the torque stayed at Idle and has done so for the next 5 test starts.  Therefore I think this issue is behind me now and I can go enjoy flying the aircraft.


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Thanks Jerry, I'll try this next time I fly it. My way around the problem in the past was to,open the condition lever just a crack rather than all the way to ground idle.


Internally it's just a "mixture" setting, and Carenado haven't modeled the control properly in any case ... surprise, surprise! I have on occasions, when carelessly not following the checklist, taken off and flown on ground idle without any ill consequences.

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