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Looking for someone to cockpit share with/learn from

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Hi there,


I am quite new to all the technical stuff with FSX so forgive me if some stuff I say isn't quite right or wouldn't work but basically I am looking for someone that would be interested in doing shared cockpit flights with me with online ATC (I haven't done that before so need some help) and overall have fun flying. I am only 15, but I am passionate about flying and want to be a pilot when I leave school.

I fly with a few mods and I am not sure how these work on multiplayer. My main plane is the PMDG 777LR/F and I also have a JustFlight 737-200 but I havent ever flow it as all the dials scared me :P. I have a few other payware planes but they are yuck so I dont fly them.

I have GSX but I am not sure how that works online.

My knowledge is limited, I guess a lot of what I do and learn off YouTube, so if that is a issue for you it wouldn't be a good fit. 


Thanks, and I look forward to flying with some of you guys and girls.

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Welcome to the Shared Cockpit section of AVSIM, and to online flight simulation. It's an incredible ride!


What you've started on is a pretty advanced level of flight simulation and one which can be incredibly realistic depending on how you go about it.


Before I get started I'll answer one of your questions... GSX will work fine in online flight simulation as it your GSX won't affect or even be seen by others.


One of the best things about Shared Cockpit is how one can fly with an experienced person to learn different aircraft and even how to fly on VATSIM. This doesn't take the place of the reading you'll have to, such as Aircraft manuals and a lot of aviation and navigation learning materials if you chose to venture into VATSIM - which I encourage you to do.


There are only a few aircraft that are Shared Cockpit capable.  PMDG products are not truly shared cockpit capable, as the only way presently I know how to do this is use a program that in turn uses key presses to activate/transmit what would be virtual cockpit commands in other aircraft. The software to do this is called "Desk Pilot", and I applaud the effort of those guys. Some don't mind using a keyboard interface instead of just using the controls on the flight deck, but for me I look for a seamless experience where both pilots can use the buttons, knobs, etc, in their virtual cockpit the same as when they are flying by themselves.


The only aircraft which are natively shared cockpit are:


Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (and soon the upcoming A330).


Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Professional (likely due out later this year)


The Leonardo Maddog MD-80 (an older aircraft model which is likely one of the most complex and realistic addons ever produced for desktop flight simulation.  The shared cockpit interface is manual, whereas the other aircraft mentioned above have more automated interfaces for establishing the shared cockpit session.


Fokker (only has a 2D cockpit and the shared cockpit interface can be unstable).


Most of the Default FSX aircraft - my favorite is the Baron with the digital displays.


There are some addon GA aircraft that also work in shared cockpit because they use default FSX gauges, however the GPS usually isn't shared cockpit capable.


My best recommendation for now is the Aerosoft Airbus.


Now we come to the challenge... your finding someone to fly with. Before I cover that, I ask that you read the Guides posted at the topic of the Shared Cockpit section. It's important that you read this material COMPLETELY, and not skip ANYTHING.  I'm serious about that.  After that I recommend  you go over to the Aerosoft Connected Flight Deck (their term for Shared Cockpit, one that is actually more accurate) where you'll find many different people to interface with.


I hope this has been helpful, and once again, WELCOME!

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Hi there Dave,


Indeed that PMDG plane is very realistic although at the same time very hard to learn. The manual is massive too :/ . 

Thank you very much for all your information. It is a petty PMDG do not support shared cockpit, but it is nice that some of the planes that are on my 'to get' list are compatible.

I will make sure to read all the guides throughly too.





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You're most welcome.  I hope you get up on VATSIM in Shared Cockpit...  if you can get an intro flight then the things you study may make more sense.


For my part, I really wish I was able to do this with more people, however our group tests software so we have to keep our systems very secure. This means not connecting to any computer outside our group.


Another source you might try is the VATSIM forums.

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Hi Leighton


Just stumbled across this forum post, and its almost what i was looking for. Im looking for a buddy to fly the Airbus fleet in shared cockpit around Europe out of England if your interested, just reply and let me know. If your in need of help with your flying or Flight Sim in genral i'd be happy to help. By the sounds of your post, we are about a similar age. If you want to get in touch with me directly, we can sort some form of direct communication out and negotiate that way.


Look forward to hearing from you,



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Hi Olly and Leighton


I am from Shipley near Leeds and my airport is EGNM im starting a Jet2 VA soon ish but am looking for shared cockpits in the P3D sim are you up for some flights and if so let me know and whe can give it a go 

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Hello all,

Just came across this topic, and lately I've been really interested in finding someone to fly shared cockpit with, if there is still a group or someone out there looking for a F/O :), I'm more than interested to joining you.

Kind Regards,


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