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Could do with some advice especially to get away from all the V3 arguments just about to start testing it (was a 12 hour download!).


Anyway, I have 2 x 670, currently in SLi.   Both are 2Gb, factory OC.  I run  1 main monitor at 2560x1440 for P3D and a 1900x1200 as well as 1024x768 for instruments, Plan-G, FMC, browser, docs or whatever I'm using.  Before SLi I had the big monitor on one card and the other two on the other.  Going to SLi I seemed gained fps though lost some rendering speed/got blurries it seemed, probably due to everything running on just one lot of 2Gb (all 3 monitors plugged into the primary card obviously).  Or is it all my imagination   ;-(


The first question:  Given I'm not changing monitors yet, would I do better to un-SLi so at least I can dedicate 2Gb to the main P3D screen pending Q2? Seeing the v3 video needs


The second:  Should I just chuck the 670s and get say a 980Ti?  Note I can't get two of them past my in-house bank manager, one will be tough.  (Not doing this till done some testing with v3 whichever way with SLI/non-SLi).  


Q3:  Would a single 980Ti be better than two lesser cards for the same price in SLi.  I could keep one of the 670 for the smaller monitors


I have otherwise a 2700K OC at over 4.8 on air, 2x500Gb SSD (one for main scenery +other HD (less used scenery) Reluctant to change this yet as seems not much better on later haswell etc and 6/8 cores a bit of a no-no for the indoor reasons at moment


Does this all make sense?  Thanks for any advice . . .



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In short yes if you can dump one of 670 for 980ti I upped from 680 to 780ti and there was a world of difference (positive) now I run 2 x 970's that power my home cockpit very happy with it keep the old 670 for other monitors less graphics intensive

Recently I also upgraded as you have from oc'd 2700k to 4790k not oc'd yet also I was happy with overall performance improvements

In case of cpu well maybe clocks are same or lower then 2700k but with this upgrade don't forget you get a newer technology better motherboard faster ram in my case I went from 1600 to 3000 well besically when you put all these things into perspective your new system will be better then your 2700k I'm not just guessing I did it!

Now I was impatient waiting for sky lake if you do decide to upgrade your computer don't go with devils canyon (4790k) go for sky lake now that it is available



But again as far as video card upgrade I do very much recommend it again I'm not just guessing you be better off I did it myself and it was from already better then yours 680 card to 780ti, you gonna go from 670 to top of the food chain 980ti, and yes originally my upgrade was also on 2700k then later did 4790k came


Hope that helps you

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Just wanted to add that I do not run these 970 in SLI

One of them is running 3 monitors in nvidia surround and one more that is so called auxiliary monitor my main one that I use for everything and the other card runs the other 3 monitors which are used for captain, center mip and Cdu displays. F/O display is the same as captain just a Y-cable to split signal

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