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  1. As others have said, the original free SPAD s/w is still available and works fine in P3D3 (at least for me with Win7)). . . possibly the NEXT version has more bells and whistles - but then more problems?. It's a different author, this payware one
  2. Dougal, hope you are getting a response from FSS. The problem appears to be that your FSS account is holding the old/wrong link. OrbXFTXAUBlueSP3 may be what you originally bought? - but it is no longer available - because OrbX/FSS upgraded all the part Australia purchases to the full Australia some time ago. And that is why what you are looking for is not found on any server. It is indeed not there any more. The current Australia file we are all getting is OrbxFTXAUSP4003.zip if it helps. I would tell FSS you still have that old link on your account and they should sort it . . .
  3. Couple things, Dougal, did you catch my earlier post about the FSS links - i.e. if you personally purchased SP3 originally, that's what would show in in FSS purchased, but the file would actually be SP4 on re-download - try it and see. You can always stop the download. Otherwise contact FSS - they're pretty helpful. SP4 is what I get on re-download. And ref the B200 please, anybody - I was waiting for a P3D v3 version before purchasing, but if I understand correctly it is a completely separate full payment download for the P3D and the FSX - as in $59.95 twice if you want to fly in FSX and P3D. Not a "install/use in both", or even a "install in one or the other, but not both at same time". The F1 page shows two separate download links for FSX and P3D - so the v3 option on install is purely in the P3D version - if you get what I mean. Really need in both FSX and v3 but $120 for a B200 in both a bit more than I want - unless it's better than a PMDG!
  4. Dougal, possibly you originally installed AU SP3 (and then updated to SP4 via the SP4 update) Your download page would then show SP3 still because that was your order originally - but if you click on the download link, it should show the servers with the latest versions - AU in this case, SP4 version, patched to 003 (with the v3 change) ....OrbXFTXAUSP4003 in my case . . . give it a try, SP3 isn't available any more :smile:
  5. Do you mean Luke has done some good work? :wink: Matt has the website, Luke Gorman (pawkbun) wrote this - according to the readme and the link . . . (unless it's AKA . . . ) It's a useful tool either way!
  6. I don't know Rich, you're missing posts on your own thread - even your own :Shame On You: Read back a few pages . . . Spad 0.5 works without any re-install and has done for earlier versions as well - at least for me/don't know about any other version :smile: As for the latest OrbX v3 bits, well . . . Must be gremlins - or leprechauns maybe Sorry, have to edit, for 0.5 read 0.5.1 - see Dougal's below - after all it's only been out just over 3 years - there's a time-warp as well . . .
  7. for those who are interested, probably most reading, Pacific Fjords now with P3D installer - as per the spreadsheet and Orbx forum. for the armchair lawyers and trolls - it's "legal" (The title of this thread is "V3 developer updated . . ." can't we keep it to that?)
  8. at least it's a 50% discount for the V2 versions, not a measly 10% or whatever. Canada is also a V2 and should install into P3D as well, though not absolutely sure v3 - though you can just change path. If GEX P3D is a bit pricey, there's always FScene4X which should install textures all over the world and goes into P3D too, not so specific for UTX landclass etc, but was a welcome upgrade from stock textures and much cheaper . . .
  9. page 8 of thread have it bookmarked, thanks Rich
  10. david G, interesting pics, but what's the aircraft? and if that's the GTN 750 in the middle, it looks nothing like mine - I don't see that layout . . am I missing something? :mad: OK it's a Phenom 300 so presumably the Prodigy with Garmin x000 - but did the GTN 750 fit come as standard or is it DIY? Thanks
  11. Woah! Now THIS is interesting - from "Boss" at the MJC Q400 support forum: "The Q400 does not yet support the Prepar3D V3.0. Although it is possible to fly the aircraft, the known issues are: 1. No cabin sound 2. Stuttering of the aircraft from the outside view when in the air When the appropriate fix becomes ready we will publish the announcement. UPDATE: After some emails exchange with the Prepar3D development team, it appears that the functionality which is needed by Q400 was taken from the latest Prepar3D version by mistake. It is anticipated that with the future Prepar3D V3.0 patch, Q400 will become fully usable under Prepar3D V3.0" It's the update - functionality . . . needed . . taken from latest Prepar3D version by mistake - So what other add-ons that aren't working properly might be affected by this functionality - whatever it is . . . quite possibly more than just what the Q400 needs?
  12. FWIW there's a post in Aerosoft - General forum . . . P3D V3 Compatibility List. Currently includes - well read for yourselves, but aircraft include Lightning F3 and F6 with the Airbus 318/319 and 320/321 pending. Not a lot yet, but encouraging. What "compatible" means of course? not that it seems most will worry . . .
  13. Now why does quote work with Firefox, but not with IE? never mind. Thanks Jay, already cheated a bit more by just referring back to FSX. scenery.cfg entry to simobjects\UT2 Aircraft and exe.xml with path to the FSX folder. All there, installed outside P3D so compliant ;-). the UT2 config thus controls both. your way good too . . . Cheers.
  14. thanks for the link Rich - maybe it needs a column for P3Dv3 new structure compliant 's advocate. Ah, no maybe not . . . but how about Ultimate Traffic, you/anybody looking at that? Still prefer it for traffic even with the old schedules - or maybe I should bite the bullet and go for My traffic or something - given the efficiency of v3 Oh, late news - the latest Opus beta is now compliant for the v3 PDK but read the instructions in the announcement thread. It already worked fine with v3, but now takes advantage of the new v3 PDK as well
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