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  1. Bill, sorry that's the point - I should have said ignore the Program data one - you have to create an exe.xml in the Appdata/roaming//lockheed martin/Prepar3d v3folder if none of your/his add-ons have already done one. Thats what I had to do after finding that the exe.xml that mattered from my FSX was in appdata. Just copy the one (or the entry) from your 2.5 and place it in the 3.1 appdata, or indeed copy the exe.xml from the program data and paste into the appdata then edit in the carrier stuff. Notepad is your friend. And backup any original . . . For P3D (and FSX) the exe.xml that matters is in appdata/roaming. It's like the old scenery.cfg that you should never touch in the FSX root that wasn't the"live" one. I don't think either LM or MS have locked the program data one - don't see how they could unless LM just made the base one in program data read-only. But the Program data one is not the one you want anyway. Is the 3.1 installed in default Program files (x86) or in a separate folder?. Was it installed with admin rights and is UAC turned off? Might account for not being able to edit the original and in the same way the dll.xml that matters turns up in appdata/local . . . . Fingers crossed, Mike
  2. Not using the Xavier carrier but have happily modded the exe.xml for e.g. UT2. In fact did it when P3D v3.0 and it stayed when did upgrade to v3.1 Not found any "lockout" and not sure how it could. You are using the exe.xml in Appdata, not the blank one on Program Data I trust?. Open and modify it with Notepad easiest . . .
  3. As others have said, the original free SPAD s/w is still available and works fine in P3D3 (at least for me with Win7)). . . possibly the NEXT version has more bells and whistles - but then more problems?. It's a different author, this payware one
  4. Dougal, hope you are getting a response from FSS. The problem appears to be that your FSS account is holding the old/wrong link. OrbXFTXAUBlueSP3 may be what you originally bought? - but it is no longer available - because OrbX/FSS upgraded all the part Australia purchases to the full Australia some time ago. And that is why what you are looking for is not found on any server. It is indeed not there any more. The current Australia file we are all getting is OrbxFTXAUSP4003.zip if it helps. I would tell FSS you still have that old link on your account and they should sort it . . .
  5. There are. Look in the FTN folder at the revision notes and the bit about setting [legacy] enabled=1. That worked for me, same problem. The gtn_config.ini for the enable=1 is in the Flight1 Aviation Technologies\GTNGauge or GTN folder in appdata\roaming. Also copy the .ini into the Flight1 Aviation technologies\GTN folder if not there (where it should be anyway) as otherwise seems to repeat problem sometimes. As per the revision notes, it doesn't give this problem for everybody. you must have the right version installed it seems because otherwise you wouldn't even be able to config the 750 in the Duke :smile:
  6. Rob, and others, for the avoidance of doubt, I had absolutely no problem with the Duke, installing as per the default into the c:\RealAir folder. It did and does, run without problem. With the latest 1.13 FTN it found the Duke fine and it too works fine. The only problem was the FTN clickspots/mouse - that was entirely the FTN and solved by setting the legacy switch = 1 in the .ini as advised by Jim and it's in the FTN release notes. Simples. So please don't think I had a problem installing the Duke itself - "honestly folks". Don't think anyone else has either? All works fine. Nothing to see here, move on BTW I did as it happens check and there is, quite correctly, nothing in the P3D v3 folder whatsoever from RealAir. Certainly the first payware to follow LM guidelines. I, like Jim had my own setup folders outside ready anyway - have some aircraft and all AI external, and most scenery. Of course there is considerable stuff from other 3PDs in the v3 - including the FTN! and certain other payware - and of course LM own default aircraft. RealAir does seem to be a shining example . . .
  7. Jim R, thanks, that seemed to be it . . . Did the legacy mode bit and it was actually worse first try - absolutely nothing. Then reconfigured the Duke to use the default GPS and that was all OK, so it was definitely the 750, not the Duke. Then leaving the .ini with the legacy set to one, configured again to the 750, rebooted and the clicks all worked - first in the pop-up, then while back in the panel. Meanwhile I'd better RTFM properly Thanks again!
  8. so I've got a Duke V2 showing, got GTN750 showing - now 113. . . but instrument panel self-test only, and can't get anything else on GTN to work - "Continue" button is dead What the? 4 minutes later suddenly 750 shows home screen or whatever it is . . . the no movement again - no buttons or touch screen working weird - have to open the GTN config before anything works and well - fps 11 nope - that was GTN on another monitor just normal without undocked GTN getting 28 - but then no click spots working! - have to take Sli off . . . I give up - computer going out window . . .
  9. Hum - to Rob Young and anyone who has noticed. After install in the default v3 location I can find them - but all the Duke T V2 documents are listed under Turbine Duke V2 P3D2 in the Start Menu. Only the Uninstall is listed under Turbine Duke V2 P3D3 Huh? The docs themselves are in C:\RealAir\Turbine Duke V2 P3D3\RealAir\duketv2p3d2\AutoPlay\Docs - and that typed exactly as in explorer Thanks be I only have the P3D v3 version - but I have a Docs folder within AutoPlay folder within a duketv2p3dv2 folder within a RealAir folder within a Turbine Duke V2 P3D2 folder within . . . well you get the point. No P3D v2 anywhere in sight. I will now try the GTN . . . edit - oh good, no show, the GTN is 112 - for my next trick . . .
  10. Thanks Rob and Rock, I'll try the right way first. Suspect it's important to do a reboot after the Duke install - as I've found before when some software - e.g. the GTN config - looks for registry entries. Considering the location and folder differences in v3 as against v2, that's good work Rob. Thanks.
  11. er, back on topic, can anybody tell me about using the GTN750 in the DT when it's installed in the "right" location for v3? i.e. if Duke installed in the now default c:\RealAir does the GTN750 configure into the Duke correctly still and work OK? thanks
  12. I think key to this is perhaps Paul doesn't realise the P3D version as an upgrade to the FSX - or vice versa - is ONLY 13 euros. NOT a complete new purchase like say like certain other well known developers have made it - think tubeliners P. Then of course you have ones that have an installer that works in FSX/P3D v2 and P3d V3,some quite complex but obviously using similar or same code - think other tubeliners AS. But also key as Realair Rob points out, is the Duke T config coding and such that will and has to be different in the different sims. This and some of the aircraft code has to be different for the Duke T. For that alone it would seem 13 euros is cheap. Same in the previous P3D v2 Even more pertinent is that this v3 version appears to be the ONLY third party payware that can be installed compliant (if you want it to be) to the LM new recommended structure. Kudos for that. I sympathise with Rob. So at 13 euros extra, no problem. I can seriously understand balking at paying all over again for an add-on where the only difference is where the installer points! But this is not the case here. You/we all have different views on charging for P3D versions - a bit extra, or completely new purchase same price, or certain add-ons being charged much more for the P3D version than the FSX - on the excuse it's a professional simulator. Some prices undoubtedly seem unjustified (but not the Duke) Do we not think that the point has now been made? No need to over-react, just get on with enjoying it - FS and the Duke T!
  13. Couple things, Dougal, did you catch my earlier post about the FSS links - i.e. if you personally purchased SP3 originally, that's what would show in in FSS purchased, but the file would actually be SP4 on re-download - try it and see. You can always stop the download. Otherwise contact FSS - they're pretty helpful. SP4 is what I get on re-download. And ref the B200 please, anybody - I was waiting for a P3D v3 version before purchasing, but if I understand correctly it is a completely separate full payment download for the P3D and the FSX - as in $59.95 twice if you want to fly in FSX and P3D. Not a "install/use in both", or even a "install in one or the other, but not both at same time". The F1 page shows two separate download links for FSX and P3D - so the v3 option on install is purely in the P3D version - if you get what I mean. Really need in both FSX and v3 but $120 for a B200 in both a bit more than I want - unless it's better than a PMDG!
  14. Dougal, possibly you originally installed AU SP3 (and then updated to SP4 via the SP4 update) Your download page would then show SP3 still because that was your order originally - but if you click on the download link, it should show the servers with the latest versions - AU in this case, SP4 version, patched to 003 (with the v3 change) ....OrbXFTXAUSP4003 in my case . . . give it a try, SP3 isn't available any more :smile:
  15. Do you mean Luke has done some good work? :wink: Matt has the website, Luke Gorman (pawkbun) wrote this - according to the readme and the link . . . (unless it's AKA . . . ) It's a useful tool either way!
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