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v2 / v3 Parallel Installation

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I believe I have read somwhere that this is possible. Currently I have v2.5 installed on a separate SSD in a folder named P3Dv2. I am going to install the new version on the same SSD but in a folder named P3Dv3. Is this possible without problems?


I also want to keep and use v2.5 for a couple of weeks until I do the final move. Are there any precautions I have to consider. Finally, is it possible to direct some addons (located in the P3Dv2 folder) to the new platform and how would I do this?


Every suggestion is welcome.

- Harry J.

i7-7820X (@4.8 GHz), 32GB RAM (@3467) 2080Ti (3440x1440), SSD 500GB, (Win10x64),  SSDs 1+2 TB (P3Dv5.x + ORBX). FSGlobalNG (mesh), ORBX (Global+OLC, all FTX Regions, all TE products, many Airports), DDscenery (NY, CH, MIA), Airports (FT, FB, FSDT, AS); PMDG (737, 747, 777), MJC DQ400, RA Piston Duke, A2A C172. Weather ASP5. F1 GTN complete. AI Traffic: AIG OCI




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Hi Harry,


Yes V3 and V2.5 can install on the same computer without conflict.


As for using V2.5 3rd party software in V3, please read the PINNED topic here: http://www.avsim.com/topic/475537-installing-3rd-party-software-into-updated-versions-of-p3d/


This is a case by case basis unfortunately. Fortunately many 3rd party vendors are or have already updated their EULA's/installers. But if the vendor is around, it's best to check with them on V3 installation/migration process.


Cheers, Rob.

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i kept in on a sep partition/hard drive.... given both my prepar3d's its own drive letter

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Have both 2 and 3 on the same partition, until now without problems. Slowly moving my addons when they are ready for it. Then I have 2.5 fully functional, until 3 can take over with all my addons installed.

Aerosoft and Vidan design until now without problems, and 3 is way better, worth the money.


Greetings   Kurt

Greetings  Kurt

P3D v5 , X-plane 11.4, MSFS

I7 6700 3.4GHz, 16 GB ram, GTX 970 4 GB, 465 GB SSD, 1TB HD, 1TB SSD


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