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  1. With all us non-English speaking people in the Avsim forums, you must have a lot to do. 😉 🙂
  2. Discussion of 'study level' or not, can really get people up in the sky. I find it entertaining.
  3. Vindeballe

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    As I have no FPS problems with this plane I did not notice, but it is easy to check on your system. And I often learn new things when playing around. 🙂 Tried the 'View - Manage cameras' with the Custom Camera Management, was not aware of that. Not as easy as the x-plane ctrl-numpad, but not that difficult. And as I use few add-ons, no weather or camera ad-ons, this is a way to make custom views.
  4. Vindeballe

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Have you tried to put the G1000 in an extra window an undock it, that works on my 2 screen setup.
  5. Vindeballe

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Nice to have it back in P3D v4, instant buy and the price is unbelievable.
  6. Vindeballe

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional MCDU2

    You need the third MCDU, look in manual volume 1 page 19
  7. How old is X-plane compared to Microsoft and Lockheed Martins Flightsim and Prepar3D?
  8. Vindeballe

    xpuipc problem This solved the problem for me,
  9. Vindeballe


    Why stick to one sim? On my PC I have X-Plane 11.26, PrePar3D 4.3, Aerofly 2, FSX-SE and even FSW isn't uninstalled. X-plane and P3D are the ones I prefer, and they have there pros and cons, but both can entertain me for hours, and I like the differences.
  10. Vindeballe

    Wilco Falcon 7X version 3.2 for P3D

    If they installed it, they never loaded the plane in v 4.3. Look back in this thread, you are not the only one frustrated with Wilco, and for me Just Flight. Now they have put a warning in there webshop. 😀
  11. Vindeballe

    Wilco Falcon 7X version 3.2 for P3D

    Thank you for the trick, now I can fly the plane. 😊
  12. Vindeballe

    Wilco Falcon 7X version 3.2 for P3D

    Just Flight for example. 😯 And they do not tell you that it does not function in P3Dv4.3, I have tickets with Just Flight and Wilco.
  13. Vindeballe


    Which Carenado C172 are writing about? My Carenado C172SP SKYHAWK G1000 has the autopilot built in the G1000 and works OK.
  14. Vindeballe

    License activation limit

    Not to be pedantic . But if the sun stille goes from east to west, I guess they are behind UK.
  15. Vindeballe

    Carenado c172 G1000

    Your right. :-) I did not see the .chm file there, sorry. I was looking for a folder, again, my fault.