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  1. In the toolbar 'Map' there is a toggle of 'center aircraft', also the key combination 'Ctrl+Alt+A' will togle 'center aircraft'.
  2. BIKF is known to give you a CTD, I had it yesterday. Is on the to do list. 😀
  3. After one hour of flight? 😀 I have flown it for two months and love it, the other games are uninstalled.
  4. Thank you very much, after 2 months of flying, I had not found that feature
  5. No, I have enjoyed it for more then 2 months, not perfect, but way better than the other games I have uninstalled.
  6. winkey + alt + print screen, at least on my pc
  7. search the alpha forum for fseconomy, there is a thread with all you need
  8. In 2 weeks you can see MSFS works fine with LNM, using datafiles from P3D or xplane, later I am sure Alex will make it possible to install the MSFS datafiles.
  9. For me it took 4 days from starting the alpha till the forum access was active.
  10. Is it possible that this Boeing - Airbus discussion goes to the hangar chat forum, it has nothing to do with MSFS
  11. Why not just use MSFS, that is what Asobo and Microsoft do. 🙂
  12. I bouht it on day one, allways want the last version. I do not regret it, it works fine for me on my system. But only you and your system can give you the answer. We are all different and not two pc's are the same.
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