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  1. I removed the gtn750 from my community folder, worked for me.
  2. It does not work for all, I still have the problem and can not use the SU10 beta, ans I am not alone. Greetings Kurt
  3. Since I changed 'online functionality' to off, there have not been any CTD's. But then the scnery is like in the old days. 😀 No need to remove the netcable, I use the net for other things while I sim.
  4. And this thread is still about the twotter sounds, that is ok, but why not change the title?
  5. Maybe the title should be changed to 'Twotter sounds' 😁
  6. In the toolbar 'Map' there is a toggle of 'center aircraft', also the key combination 'Ctrl+Alt+A' will togle 'center aircraft'.
  7. BIKF is known to give you a CTD, I had it yesterday. Is on the to do list. 😀
  8. After one hour of flight? 😀 I have flown it for two months and love it, the other games are uninstalled.
  9. Thank you very much, after 2 months of flying, I had not found that feature
  10. No, I have enjoyed it for more then 2 months, not perfect, but way better than the other games I have uninstalled.
  11. winkey + alt + print screen, at least on my pc
  12. search the alpha forum for fseconomy, there is a thread with all you need
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