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  1. I think you're better off getting photoreal from https://gumroad.com/antdavison , which has a demo pack you can try before buy, and overlay with autogen from http://www.nzscenery.co.nz/ What's more, to do the whole of NZ, the above is 1/3 the price of Orbx.
  2. While you can delete them, it is likely to cause you problems. Many other aircraft use aliases to files of the default aircraft, especially to Sound files. If you delete the defaults, you'll start finding other aircraft of yours have no sound. Same applies when you change directory names of default aircraft.
  3. You should just be able go to your global cameras.cfg file, make a copy of the VC camera, changing the CameraDefinition to a new unique value, the title to VC 5 degrees down (or whatever), new GUID, Hotkey to an unused value or remove entry, and InitialPBH to 5,0,0. You then have both your original VC and a 5 degrees down VC camera available to all aircraft.
  4. External aircraft camera frame of reference is the aircraft, so what you describe is not a bug - more an inconvenience. Only way around it is repositioning the camera programmatically multiple times per second which at high rates of roll or bank may appear jerky.
  5. Why would you want to run in anaglyph which is an ancient technology superseded by modern passive and active 3D display technology? If your Benq if 3D capable, it is probably active 3D with shutter glasses which aren't for anaglyph. If you can run Half Over Under or Half Side by Side modes on your Benq, then test if these videos work. You need to maximise Youtube to full screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUUlSeFaJl8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMxHDd1M8wM If they do what you're looking for, then you can get the application for running the 3D in Prepar3D from https://www.dropbox.com/s/otngd54hxfyngvu/Multi-Tool%20Prepar3D%20v3-1c%20Release.zip?dl=0
  6. If you go to curved, you have to start working with warping software if you want to keep the image from stretching towards the edges (unless your projector has something built in for that). You could have a look at some of what Tomas has been doing here http://simpit.co.nz to get some ideas. I project onto a flat 100" screen, but have a 24" monitor in front of me for a sharp close up of the instrument panel, which works well for me. As your projector is 3D, you could also project 3D if you don't go down the warping software route. Software that will do this is here http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=197460 It will also save and recall panel closeups if you go to projector + monitor setup.
  7. With recent additions to Simconnect, the door has been opened up to a new series of dynamic views with the camera programmatically transitioning smoothly between points either as exterior or interior views. It is possible for a user to set up a series of coordinates and durations to define legs of a path a camera moves around the aircraft, for example, a smooth path along the wing or under the fuselage linking to more camera legs. It's also possible just to have the PC generate random camera position transitions. Whilst this was sort of possible previously using rapid fire camera position updates, the new Simconnect function has improved the concept no end. I have added both user defined and computer generated leg capabilities to MultiTool Prepar3d, a utility package I maintain full of all sorts of interesting P3D extensions. You can have a look at what you can now do with these views here https://youtu.be/OV0Rp2clR3o?t=33 The utility is in the Avsim library. Search for Multitool. I hope some of you find some of the content useful. Cheers
  8. Try installing the Simconnect SDK http://www.prepar3d.com/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=364 If you're not running P3D v3, find the relevant version in this page instead http://www.prepar3d.com/support/sdk/ If you still have an issue following this, send a screenshot of the .NET error to rich.barry@usa.com
  9. No, building a fresh camera.cfg is not necessary at all. The MultiTool cameras will just append to the bottom of the existing Camera.cfg. The only issue would be if you are already have cameras numbered in the range [CameraDefinition.060] - 067. After MultiTool appends its camera, you can check if there's any double ups in numbering if you want, and change the numbering of my new ones if they clash with anything you already have. Prepar3D will probably complain if it detects duplicate definition numbers. The Name of the MultiTool cameras is critical, but the definition number is not. Compatibility with other camera programs depends on whether multiple Simconnect applications end up fighting for camera control at the same time. There will be no issue with having more than one camera program installed, but if they are both trying to assert control simultaneously, results may be messy. Cheers Richard
  10. Try this utility, which I have just uploaded to the library. It has the feature we have been discussing above and much more. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=197431 http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=multitool&CatID=p3dutil&Go=Search
  11. Nah, you don't do it like that. That's tedious. You do it like this using the secret event: P3D_simconnect.MapClientEventToSimEvent(EVENT_ID.EVENT_ZoomSet, "VIEW_ZOOM_SET") P3D_simconnect.TransmitClientEvent(DEFINITIONS.Struct1, EVENT_ID.EVENT_ZoomSet, ZoomLevel * 64, hSimconnect.Group1, SIMCONNECT_EVENT_FLAG.GROUPID_IS_PRIORITY)
  12. I had a bit of an experiment with Click and Place which is coming along OK as you can see here, but quite bit more work is necessary
  13. This video from the 5 minute mark shows a camera placed at runtime. A logical progression of the program would be as the OP suggested to allow click and place, but I want to finish tidying up the current update of the program and get it out before being sidetracked again.
  14. It is possible to place a fixed position camera at runtime via SimConnect as I have been doing just that. The only hangup at the present time is aspect ratio not automatically calculating if you change the view aspect. Using the top down view for click and place camera is also possible, but with other views I think it becomes very difficult, as it involves 2 coordinate system conversions then a trace along a vector to try and determine where it intercepts the terrain model. Top down is much easier.
  15. Barrel_owl It may be worth you testing the following. I don't have Ezdok as I do a lot of camera "stuff" with my own software that other programs don't do, and having multiple applications fighting for camera control won't work, so I can't test it myself. Add the definition below to your global cameras.cfg file (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\) Start Prepar3D and Ezdok Ezdok **may** show the camera and allow you to specify your own XYZ offsets by aircraft. This depends on whether Ezdok only allows you to implement offsets on a hard coded list of cameras, or whether it offers everything that it finds in cameras.cfg. I can't test that as I don't have the software. If it doesn't show, you could change the Category to Cockpit, restart P3D and Ezdok and see if that changes it's availability. The basics of Ezdok & Chase Plane is primarily applying XYZPBH offsets to cameras, so provided either of them allow you to work with this camera, it makes inroards into the tail dragger issue. Note that 0,0,0 on this camera shows an external model from the inside of the aircraft and doesn't look correct until you move the eyepoint outside of the aircraft model by applying suitable offsets. Hope it works..... [CameraDefinition.70] Title = "Generic External - Tracking" Guid = {0C2E55FC-16B2-4B6E-28A4-EA2F2F2D2F81} Description = Generic Tracking Center Outside for Custom Exterior Views - richb Origin = Center SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = Track ShowAxis = No AllowZoom = Yes InitialZoom = 1.0 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = True Transition = Yes ShowLensFlare = True Category = Aircraft ClipMode = Spot PitchPanRate = 30 HeadingPanRate = 75 PanAcceleratorTime = 0 CycleHidden = True InitialXyz = 0,0,0
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