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  1. Adam, that's for the "free downloads" You need to re-download your order file - click on the "view" next to your order id. Got the 2.66 installed and used your 263_01 preset - had to turn down the brightness a bit - waiting for your updated preset.
  2. Yep, I'm seeing that too (using Adams adam_pta263_01). If I apply his preset with the water surface tuning unchecked the water looks great; no weird boxes - so uncheck it until Adam comes out with pta264_01? 😉
  3. Hi Adam, Just a note to say your latest preset works great here in SE Alaska - maybe because the terrain is so much like New Zealand? Anyway for how I use it it's another home run. Thanks, Bob
  4. Just installed Adams 262_01 preset - another winner Adam. Much appreciated. Bob
  5. I just updated to 2.62 also; using Active Sky for P3Dv4 and Adams adam_pta261_03_vc_off and everything looks great. Oh, and I just did the client update to 4.3
  6. rgerdes

    Wildlife+ support

    Hi Sue, How exactly did you get this to run in P3D v4? I get an unhandled exception message saying: Could not load file"Microsoft FlightSimulator SimConnect Version=10.0.61242.Culture=neutral" Thanks, Bob
  7. I also had this problem. Finally uninstalled 4.2 client and reinstalled it and now the atc is working, at least for the moment.
  8. Hi Simbol, Already downloaded and installed - the plane I was watching had to hold and disappeared - I'm in the process of increasing the hold time to 15 min. Thanks, Bob
  9. Hi Simbol, Do you have any plans to include the light effects for FAIB B-747-8 and 8F? Just noticed they are not included in your last freeware update. Thanks, Bob
  10. tried creating a dummy fx_waves.fx but still had waves. So, did a search of *waves.fx and I think their were 6 instances came up, maybe more, I can't remember. I created dummies for all of them and I think my waves are gone now!! Anyway looking forward to your pro version. Thanks, Bob
  11. Got it running in p3d 4.1 Looks great. Only downside for me is having to set: Special effects details set to maximum. Special effects distance set to maximum. This brings up the dreaded shoreline waves that I hate and have kept the special effects turned off as I can find no other way to turn those rascal waves off. I'll have to put up with them as your reborn ai lights are too good to pass up, unless you can find a way to turn them off. Thanks, Bob Oh and I'll be buying the pro version when available...
  12. rgerdes

    Wildlife+ support

    Anyone got this working in p3dv4?
  13. rgerdes

    Prepar3d v3 v v4 wave/surf effect

    there's another earlier thread about this: