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  1. pouldam

    Panning problem

    Ulf and Nick,Thanks for your input. However, Ulf, you confirmed my worst fear that VSYNC does not work in windowed mode -- at least not with my NVidia 7900GS even though I followed Nick's NHancer guide to the letter. As I really need my second monitor (running in Dual View mode) for my charts, there is no way I can run in full screen.This leads me to the sad conclusion that my marriage with NVidia has come to an end. IF ATI does not have this bug, that is!Any experience with the cocktail of ATI, WinXP, FSX Acceleration and two monitors in "dual view" configuration (I have no idea what ATI has named their variant of this useful feature)?Any input is really appreciated....ah, it worked so very nicely in FSX RTM. Now the tearing is giving me headache before I reach cruise altitude :-hmmm/ Regards, Poul
  2. pouldam

    Panning problem

    Hi Ulf,Yes, I also tried adding these lines, but alas... still no success :-(I tried to install the 174.20 drivers today, but that did not fix it. Maybe they only got it working in the 174.12?That said, it seems as if I can get it working in full screen, but that is not really an option as that halves my FPS and prevents me from using my other monitor for charts etc.This leads me to two questions for you who have got VSYNC working:1. Does it work in windowed mode?2. Do you have a multi (two) monitor setup?Thanks for helping here guys!/ cheers, PoulWinXP, FSX Acceleration, C2D, TrackIR, 7900GS
  3. pouldam

    Panning problem

    Hi Geoff,Very interesting! I have not been able to make vsync work -- WinXP, FSX Acceleration, 7900GS. Tried several drivers and using NHancer and all kinds of incantations.Which driver version solves it for you? Does it work in windowed mode?/ Cheers, Poul
  4. Hi guys,Take a look at this and see if it solves your problem:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...d=434059&page=4/ Cheers, Poul
  5. Hi,I take absolutely no credit for this, but the following post may contain a fix for the disappearing clouds issue (in SP2/Acceleration) or at least provide hints to how it can be fixed:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...34059&mode=full/ Cheers, Poul
  6. Hi,Just wanted to give all you heavy iron fans the headsup, that service pack 2 for the FSX version of the Level-D 767 has landed. It remains yet to be announced on their web page, but can be downloaded via their 'FSX Product Support' forum.It promises no revolutions (except that FSUIPC is no longer required), but contains a few nice bug fixes:/ Cheers, Poul---SP2 CONTENTS:FMC:- FIXED hard alt restrictions near destination would cause error in descent profile under certain conditions.- FIXED FMC would ignore waypoint alt restrictions in the climb when the climb phase covered a very long distance.- FIXED saving "STAR to runway transitions" in the FMC was inoperative.- NEW added code to avoid saving destination runway as part of STAR-Runway transitions- NEW added code to compensate for missing runway and vectors waypoint altitudes in XML procedure files.MISC:- FIXED Pushback dialog not displayed in full screen mode- FIXED MCP altitude was not being honoured during VNAV approach submode- NEW added depiction of vectors legs to EHSI- NEW FSUIPC no longer required for the Level-D software.FOR ENGRAVITY CDU USERS:- Look in the GaugesLVLD folder in FSX for an alternate B767at.gau file in FSX_Engravity_Driver_1.4.2.zip. Simply unzip it to the same location overwriting the current gauge.
  7. Done!However, I afterwards received two e-mails. One autogenerated that thanked me for my input, BUT also one stating that the mail could not be delivered... quite odd. Please check if you received it and let me know./ Poul
  8. Hi Jim,Yes, I am aware that I can change the settings in Windows' Sound and Audio Devices Properties dialog to my liking -- i.e. make sure that ASX audio is played using the one audio device that is hooked up to my headset. However, I consider this a workaround as I currently have to change this setting every time I want to go flying, as I want the sounds from all my other applications to be played through my highend sound card connected to my stereo.I am aware though, that for people with only one audio device this is not a problem, but please consider including an option to select which audio device ASX will use (just like the new setting included with Acceleration/SP2) or simply let ASX use the audio device selected for voice in the FSX configuration.This makes good sense as you will normally listen to the weather report on the same device that plays ATC communication./ Cheers, Poul
  9. Hi,Using ASX it would be really nice if the audio weather report (122.00 MHz) would always be played through the same audio device as FSX is configured to use for voice (i.e. VHF communication).This configuration setting within FSX is a new feature of Acceleration/SP2 and allows FSX to be configured in its own disregarding the settings in the OS. Very useful for people like myself with more than one audio device./ Thanks in advance, Poul
  10. pouldam

    Iris Sim's new T-6 II Texan

    Hi,If "a trim that actually worked" refers to the fact that trimming in FSX does not change the pressure on the stick (when using a force feedback joystick), I can highly recommend FSForce. It is not free, but it adds pressure changes on the stick in accordance to the trim setting (among other things)....just a happy customer :-)/ Cheers, Poul
  11. Hi Haldir,Thanks for this detailed info -- interessting reading.I realise that my 22" LG L226WT uses a 6-bit panel which I guess corresponds to the 18 bit monitors you mention. This seems to be the case for most if not all(?) 22" monitors whereas 24" and 19" comes in flavours with 8-bit panels. Why this is so I have no idea...I do still believe, though, that some of the banding I see is not related to monitor issues but will wait and see if SP2 by chance changes anything with this regard. Depending on the drool-factor of the upcoming DX10 features I may even change to Vista which may likely fix my issue as new drivers and even a new graphic card is required.../ Cheers, Poul
  12. Hi Ron,Yes, I have tried different drivers and am currently using the latest beta from NVidia and have done all the cumbersome install stuff (uninstalling old driver, booting into Safe Mode, using DriverCleaner, rebooting and installing new driver).I have also tried to install an ATI X1950Pro card and to my surprise it gave the same result. This hints that it is not a graphic card issue nor a (graphic card) driver issue. I am wondering if it is a DirectX issue...In the FSX main menu on your computer -- do the little static image of the floatplane also have to banding in the sky as shown in the above screenshot?Are you on Vista or XP?/ Thanks for helping, Poul
  13. Picky or not? I guess this IS an issue as people would probably have commented if they were seeing the same as me.Anyway, here is another guy with the same problem: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=38028/ Poul
  14. OK, thanks for clearing that Phil. Lucky for me I always fly in VC mode (with a TrackIR that can't be beat), but this also shows signs of pixelation/banding/reduced colour depth.Here is a screen shot from the Level-D 767. Depending on the light, time of day etc. it can actually look a lot worse than shown here.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178311.jpgHowever, I am starting to wonder whether we all have this issue and it is just me being too picky??/ Regards, Poul
  15. Yup, I have checked that (a zillion times). It's set at 32 bit, but even changing it to 16 bit does not show a difference. I prefer to run in windowed mode though.But it is really odd, as my desktop seems to run perfectly in 32 bit...Keep the suggestions coming :-)