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Hi guys was wanting your input on what would be the closest real world density settings in ut2  for p3d v3?


using the pmdg 777

addon airports





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UT2 works in a different way to BGL driven traffic packages (which inject double or even triple the number of flights compared to the real world when you set them to 100%), so you need to set airliners to 100% to have any chance of seeing a realistic volume of traffic. However, UT2 does not include cargo airlines (or a full suite of charter airlines), so you will still be short of the full amount if you use the default database. You would also need to have the Daedalus (generic) colour scheme active, because UT2 does not include repaints for all of the airlines in it's database!


I only fly around the UK and Ireland, and I have spent a lot of time and effort building my own database of airlines that fly to and from this region. I don't use the Daedalus colour scheme at all, but my large airports are now very busy (particularly early in the morning; Heathrow and Gatwick have around 140 and 100 AI planes respectively at the gates around 6 AM).

Christopher Low

UK2000 Beta Tester


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Be careful of wanting 'Real World' AI traffic levels at your airports.  You are asking for your FPS to drop drastically.    I personally run with 80% commercial and 20% GA traffic set in UT2's interface and I am quite happy with the traffic.   At large US airports such as KLAX and KDFW I see well over 80 aircraft around the airport doing their thing.    Any more than that and my beast starts to big for mercy.   If you are wanting 200+ aircraft at your airports you better have a 6ghz processor on liquid cooling because no amount of slider settings in P3D is going to save your FPS.   AI Traffic can and will eat your lunch if it is allowed to spawn crazy amounts of traffic.    If there are others out there running with 150+ ground AI at your airport I would love to know your secrets.  80 on the ground is my PC's breaking point.  Anything past 80 and I start to lose an FPS here and there until it's in the lower teens which is not acceptable for me.   I don't like to dip under 25 myself which is one of reasons I like UT2.  I can set the target FPS rate and if the computer consistently drops below that it will scale the traffic back automatically until 25+ FPS is achieved again.   The one thing I don't like that UT2 does is spawn traffic at airports I am not going to or from just because it's xx number of miles away and while you can tell UT2 not to spawn ground traffic at xx distance you run the risk of neutering your airport you are arriving at or having it do its infamous "pause" while it spawns in all that traffic on your 5 mile final which is a bad time for that to happen.    I wish they had used technology like AIr Traffic Manager did where it just preserves traffic at your starting and arrival airport and nothing extra anywhere else.   New York city is notoriusly bad with UT2 active because it wants to spawn planes at KJFK, KEWR and KLGA all at once.    5 FPS is not fun.  XD

Captain K-Man FlightBlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCulqmz0zmIMuAzJvDAZPkWQ  // My Twitch: http://twitch.tv/kuragiman - Streaming most Wednsdays and Fridays @ 6pm CST

Brian Navy

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