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Guidance on purchasing a flight planner

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Hi all,


I have been using Routefinder (free) for a while now but the flight planning is quite basic, often not representative of real world flight routings. I have identified PFPX as an option to purchase. Fly mostly the PMDG NGX. Looking for a program that is relatively easy to master and will send flight plans in NGX accepted formats.


Are there other options that I should take a close look at or is this considered the best of the best?


One last question, can PFPX display on a second monitor while FSX is running in full screen mode? I am using a GTX 780Ti and Windows 10 Pro x64.

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i primarily use PFPX these days and i really like it. if you are mainly interested in the NGX, that plane and PFPX go together very well, the topcat integration kind of takes it to the next level. i'd say the only drawback is that it is somewhat pricey.


one alternative program that i use occasionally is FsBuild.  that is mainly if i want something quick and simple -  flying smaller planes, and also i think it's a bit simpler if you are making a quick and dirty fuel profile for GA planes..


as to your 2nd question, it runs just like any other normal windows app, so i don't think there is any reason why you couldn't drag it onto your 2nd monitor. presumably if you can put a browser window or other things there it is basically the same. can't say i've tried it for sure as i only have a single monitor here.



-andy crosby

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