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FS9 Westjet 'red-eye' from KFNT to KFLL, ........

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...these six shots having just departed from Flint Bishop, Mich, and right about now 3 miles from the north side of the Greater Detroit Area, 



Active Sky Evo

REX 2004


Being night, you need to left click the pics to see ground details, lights, roads, etc...and clouds


I think that some of the best rendering in clouds...and layers, has always been within FS9...the immersion on this flight tonight, is just beautiful...

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Nice memory! it up, and make that memory, come alive once more..:)


FD...we are such a funny species...for most of us, spend HOURS tweaking this sim, tweaking that sim...and what for?  For performance. For animation, stutter-free smoothness. For to put the sim to the highest res, so to see great plane bodies, and cockpit textures.


When I need all of the above...I merely click on FS9's icon...and away I go. No tweaking, and no touching of the .cfg file.  Just planning my flight, filing the FP, slipping into the cockpit, commercial/GA...and head out to the active. Guarrenteed performance, under any weather scenario, over any extent of flight...guaranteed to get to the arrival gate...whether from departure in North America, and arrival in Europe. No matter that I slip into an iFly 737, study sim.


Why anybody would delete, or simply never go back to FS9, for all its wonderful performance and rendering attributes, beats my logic. Even with the advent of FSX on RTM, it was never made redundant at all. 


Yes, I do understand that we (well, the most of us...) are deeply immersed and with invested $$$'s in the ORBX culture, (myself included), but that still is not a hinge point, for deletion and/or outright abandonment of FS9. i see, and run my system, anyway... :)  If it were a matter of storage space....there would be a new added hard-drive to the system, than having to delete an entire flight simulation platform.  


Actually, the only reason that I stopped using Flight Unlimited, was because it was 'limited' to a few areas of operation, and there were never really good 3rd P, or free-ware planes for the sim.  There were great features of this platform...water, easy of adding user-content, adventure scenarios...all great stuff...that it excelled in.


I looked in my drawer the other day, and smiled as I pulled out the Pro Pilot box...and thought back in the day (1999-2000) how we were all drooling over its Cessna business jet model...the most advanced to date, but again, it suffered from limited flight scope.


I do know, that one day...I'll just break Christmas, and buy two more hard drives (storage is so cheap right now...) and load them up, for no other reason than the odd nostalgia flight or three...and appreciate what they gave me, in the day.  My opinion, my universal opinion, is there is no SUCH a 'bad' flight simulator, ever published.  Not with the each of us...banging down the store door, to get it on day of release.....


Just sayin'.... :), and felt like typing.....

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