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Reinstalling FS9.1 update?

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I recently noted that when FS9 crashes, as it is wont to do from time to time, the 'FS9 has stopped working' window says FS9.0 , not FS9.1...' I know I installed the 9.1 update. If I try to reinstall it, the programme tells me it is already installed and then quits. (I know I need to move or rename the 'FS9/Backup' folder to get the update to run). The menu bar (help/about) in FS also shows me FS9.1 and the properties box of the fs9.exe file shows version


However, I have just opened the FS9.1 'unpatch.bat' file, in the FS9/Backup folder, in a text editor. Taking at some of the files listed there, I then compared the file dates of my FS9 installation with an out-of-the-box setup I use for testing, and which I KNOW is v.9.1,, and sure enough the dates in the latter are later than those in my full FS9 setup. For instance, my display.cfg is dated07/06/2003 (ominous!) whereas the one in my test folder is 01/09/2004... Which means, apart from the FS9.exe file, I am missing some if not all of of the files which FS9.1 should have installed. I don't know how that happened...


So the question is, how do I rectify this, safely, now? Seems to me there are four options:


1. Copy across all the files listed in the unpatch.bat file manually, overwriting the older files. I assume (?) all the files that the FS9.1 patch installs are listed there? That'd be long and very tedious (and prone to errors on my part!).

2. Rename my FS9 folder to FS9Temp, or whatever, copy across the full 'clean' (as installed from the 4 CD-ROMs + 9.1 patch) FS9 folder and then replace folders like Aircraft with the full ones from the full 'FS9Temp' folder, being careful not to overwrite the new files, listed in the unpatch.bat file, with the older ones, of course.

3. Remove the FS9/Backups folder and run the FS9.1 update file

4. Uninstall FS9 and start from scratch.


I can say that option 4 is a non-starter, or at least a very last resort, it takes weeks for me to get things back to 'normal' from a clean installation, and in any case this hardly seems necessary here.


Option 3 is the easiest, but it worries me rather. Anyone see any problems with that approach? Can you install the FS9.1 patch on the top of an already massively tweaked and added to installation? If the unpatch.bat shows ALL files that are updated or added, then fine, I can't see that it will harm the installation. I have a full backup of the FS9 main folder and could overwrite any files from the FS9.1 update which are newer in my current 'FS9.0' installation.


I do have a full backup of my current FS9 installation BTW..


Any advice (from anyone who really knows about this!).



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OK, having posted and thought about this, I have checked more file dates in my full FS9 installation and, as it happens, with only two exceptions, all of them are 01/09/2004, or the same as the FS9.1 files. The two that were from FS9.0 I have replaced with the FS9.1 version.


It seems that all the FS9.1 updates go to just a small number of folders - modules & scenery/generic mostly, so it was a simple thing to do, checking off the files & folders in a copy of the unpatch.bat file as I went along.


Hopefully this is now resolved, unless anyone knows otherwise! :smile:

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No offence, but I'm amazed your computer even starts up.
You need to simplify problems as I suggested in one of your other threads but you chose to ignore this.  
The stops working message as far as I know shows 9.0 with or without the patch applied so basically, don't touch anything!

If I am wrong on this (possibly) the likely cause would be that you are simply running the v9.0 'can't be discussed fs9.exe' instead of the v9.1 version.

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Likewise, no offence, but I am not sure how your comment relates to my post. To begin with I do not see why my PC should not start up! Maybe you meant FS9 rather than my computer?


I have no idea what it is that I 'chose to ignore' ('not implement' rather than 'ignore') from an earlier thread, but if you are right, there may be a reason for it (other than stupidity or arrogance!). I have been working with FS a long time and although I often come to this forum to ask for advice, or to give it, I have some insight into what works and what does not. Not through passively absorbing what other people say on internet forums, but through practical experience over the last 17 years: acting on whatever someone advises on the internet only because they advise it, is never a good idea, as you doubtless agree. You seem to imply with your choice of words though that, because I 'ignored' some advice you gave, then I am getting what I deserve. If this is not what you meant, apologies! :smile:


I do not have FS9.0 installed. I have checked all the files now and I have 9.1. I have made certain of this by installing the 9.1 patch again and checking my installation against an out-of-box setup on another PC. If I continue to get CTDs, I do not now believe it is anything to do with 9.0 vs. 9.1

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