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Issue with BlueSky Scenery near KLAX

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I've installed BlueSky Scenery's modular scenery with no problems (currently have much of Washington enabled with no problems).  I installed some of the LA areas and am having some weird graphics issues at KLAX.  Interestingly, this airport is actually cut in half and part of it is provided by one area, while the rest is provided by an adjacent area.


Anyways, the issue relates to the ground scenery in the immediate vicinity of KLAX.  Upon loading any aircraft at KLAX, the ground is blue and has the FSX logo on it.  This tells me that there are some textures missing and so DX10 preview replaces those textures with the blue FSX logo texture. I've tried disabling DX10 but then I get light blue, or black instead.  Here is the weird part: when I go to top-down view and zoom out (to about 24.00x), the textures seem fine.  When I am zoomed in farther than that, the affected area seems to grow from the center of KLAX outwards.  It kind of looks like there is some object just below the surface that rises as I get closer and covers the actual scenery.


I tried enabling the alert that shows missing textures (there are a TON).  These textures are something like
.  I'm at a loss as to what this could be.  I also tried disabling the 0202 base scenery in the scenery library.  This doesn't help much with the missing texture issue, and it removes the water from the ocean.


When I disable my addon scenery, the regular scenery comes back and the issue is gone.  I've tried re downloading and replacing the scenery (overwriting as well as deleting and re-adding).


My thoughts are that there is an issue with the scenery, there is some conflicting scenery, or my whole install is messed up and I probably need to reinstall (i hope that's not the case).


Any other thoughts?

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