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FSX SE Undocking and stuttering

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Hello everyone. 

I have stumbled on a little problem with my sim. 
When undocking a window(let's say the gps) the fps drops to 1, and it stays the same until i close the window. 

Has anyone faced this issue before? I couldn't find any info on this, except a post from last year:

Any help is greatly appriaciated! 
Thank you!

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Each undocked window not only increases the amount of VAS using, but also results in additional processing being required. For all second views except 2D panels, the second view is not merely another view of the same picture, but rather another rendering of the picture a second time. The increased processing demand results in reduced frame rates.


Where 2D panels are concerned, a second rendering still occurs however it doesn't have nearly the processing demands that a secod view would have.  But it still requires processing power.


The affect of this varies from system to system based on the person's hardware and settings.


What I would do is test this on another aircraft, so see if you have the same drop in frame rates. If not, there is likely a problem with the aircraft panels (which would have to be solved by the developer).  If you still have the same drop in frames, I'd recommend you take a hard look at your settings (a good place to start would be the AVSIM FS9/FSX/P3D Setup Guide).


Also, which aircraft are you having this problem with?


I hope this helps.

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Thank you for the input.


I tested on small both GA aircraft and jetliners(stock only). Same problem occurs everytime.

Also after further testing, i discovered that the 1 fps issue occurs when i switch to fullscreen both in dx9 and dx10(no undocked pannels).


I will continue to search for a solution and post updates.


Edit: I also use sweetFX.


Later Edit: Tested without sweetfx, on dx9 then dx 10, enabled sweetfx, tested again same issue.

                 Tested full screen with/without sweetfx, on dx10/dx9 still 1 fps.


It seems whatever i do the fps when undocking or swithching to full screen still drops to 1.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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SOLVED i found that the problem was sweetfx. i tested with a new .cfg and disabled sweet fx using flightfx. it runs in full screen at 30 fps(internally locked/no tweaks). 

now i would like to ask what other software could i use to replace sweetfx?

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