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P3D V3.1 CTD minutes after takeoff

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Good evening all. I posted this in the P3D forum yesterday and have not received a response so I'll try here.  I know this is long and I am hoping it’s something stupid on my part, but I can’t seem to lock down this issue.


In order to install P3D V3.1, I deleted all P3D V.2 software and associated add-ons from my hard drive. I left FSX on the hard drive (K drive) as a backup so I could still fly if I had issues with P3D. I did delete all of my FSX add-ons in order to leave space on my hard drive for P3D. I had run P3D V2.5 with the same add-ons on the same system with no issues besides OOMs which are to be expected.


I installed P3D V3.1 on about 3 JAN. I installed a registered FSUIPC, the ORBX products, REX, and ASN in the days following. I flew some quick flights with several default aircraft out of a few different default airports to test ORBX, REX textures with soft clouds, ASN etc; I had no issues.  However, after installing the PMDG 777 and Aerosoft A321 and trying flights with them, I started getting CTDs.  They were about one to two minutes after takeoff with PMDG and about 4 minutes after takeoff in the Aerosoft Airbus.  I can sit on the runway in either aircraft without the CTD for as long as I want.  The fatal error occurs with or without ASN running, at different airports, and different weather conditions; I have not tested with default weather textures.  The Windows event log reads as follows:

- Provider 
[ Name] Application Error 
- EventID 1000 
[ Qualifiers] 0 
Level 2 
Task 100 
Keywords 0x80000000000000 
- TimeCreated 
[ SystemTime] 2016-01-07T21:35:48.000000000Z 
EventRecordID 24459 
Channel Application 
Computer Dave-PC 

- EventData 
K:\P3D Main\Prepar3D.exe 
K:\P3D Main\sim1.dll 

Did something not get deleted properly from P3D V.2 that is causing a conflict?
Registry errors?
Is there an issue with installing al my P3D V3.1 and associated add-ons direct to my K drive and not C/Program Files (x86)?
Graphics card drivers?
P3D settings? (I have not touched the .cfg) and am running 3.1 with roughly the same settings that I ran 2.5

Win 7-64 English 
i7 26K OC to 4.3GHz
8GB DDR3/1600 memory
GTX 780 - Driver 347.88
232 GB SSD for P3D/FSX and supporting software
111 GB SSD for Windows and small programs
3 monitor with TH2G

P3D V3.1 Installed in separate drive K/P3D
ORBX Global Base Installed in K/
ORBX Global Vector installed in K/
ORBX Trees Installed in K/
REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and P3D V.3 service pack
Active Sky Next with SP4 Beta for P3D V.3
No add-on Airports
Norton Internet Security
PMDG 777 base pack (No add-on liveries installed) with the latest PMDG installer as of 05 JAN 16. PMDG Operations Center is also up to date.

Aerosoft Airbus X  latest downloader with no add-on liveries installed.


In the mean time, I'm going to install P3D 3.1 again, and try both airplanes with no other add-ons, then apply each add-on and continue to test.





Win 10 (64)

i7 8700K OC 5.1 GHz

Gigabyte Aorus Z370x

i7 8700k OC 5.1 GHz

GTX Titan XP

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