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FS9-EVO2015 by Sascha 'The night life...'

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I have been using this package for the last two days...and I have to say...the night autogen lights Sascha has devised, comes the closest, if not almost parallel, to the wonderful night sequences of the XP franchise.


Here are some shots (turn your monitor contrast/brightness to what you need to see them clearly.


Shots taken just west of Toronto Pearson Airport, Ontario, Canada

Road vector is U.T.


I tried to take two shots of the same capture. 


1. the more colored display (as per just EVO2015)


2...and then using enbseries to bring the color saturation down to what you'd see in an XPlane night.  It works...


EVO2015 totally transforms night flying within FS9. You see towns and villages that were never seen before (and many miles into the distance), never mind the big cities are much more detailed, and expansive.  Do I most heartily recommend to other FS9'ers...this world texture replacement package?  YOU BET I DO!  You won't want to put FS9 down....


Post Edit:  In my flight, this is the first texture package, that I can actually see town/village/citiy ground lights right out to the horizon. None of the world textures that I purchased has given me that 'light sprite' distance. They also do not flash off and on in tile load in. Not on my system, anyways...




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You seem to have more white and orange lights. I've got more purple lights. 

The orange are high-intensity Sodium Lights, Jon, and it's too bad that I didn't have the FPS showing in these shots...for all were rock-steady, 29.8/9 out of a locked setting of 30.


You have purple?  Can you post a pic?



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