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Taxi2gate MUCL runway lighting

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I tried contacting them and never heard back.

I've been waiting almost 2 weeks for an answer why when I use the EMT to run the MMPR airport in P3D all I see is FSX, yet their MMMX works fine using the same tool. Don't seem to be that responsive.

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Hi there,

I wondered, have you been able to solve the RWY lights issue in MUCL?

Actually I like to fly around between MUCL, MUHA, MUVR and MUCU (all T2G sceneries), but I have severe performance problems with MUCL.... Frames at night drop to about 2-3 fps (usually they are at 70+ fps if I run unlimited). Disabling the MUCL_RWYLIGHT.bgl solves the performance drop, but then night flying is without RWY/PAPI lights....

Contacted T2G about this too, but got no answer. Played around with ADE to change the MUCL.bgl, however, I got no runway lights working.

Anyone any ideas?

CHeers, Andreas

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