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Aerosoft Glider DiscusX in Prepar3D V3.1

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Has any installed this DiscusX V1.60 in P3D V3.1


I enquired at the Aerosoft Forum and I got the distinct impression that the developer had no problem with me installing it in V3.1 but has gone silent on the thread after I asked for instruction as to how to do so.


Here is the thread:


I recall the aircraft did not work correctly in V2 which the last time I had it installed.

Don't ask me how installed it in V2!


Any proceeding on the tacit nod from the developer. I made a folder and placed a copy of the

Prepar3D.exe in it and changed its name to FSX.exe.


I got this Far:



So, I figure this is where everything gets installed in the file structure and where it is looking for .cfg and .xmls to edit.


So I figure that all I have to do is copy the files to the appropriate place in P3D V3.1 install and copy the entries to the .cfg and xml files created by the installer to their equivalent files in P3D V3.1.


Only Problem is that I do't know which .cfg or .xmls are the equivalent.


And see the last line. There is no file specified after the colon.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    FSX-Version:  (
Discus Glider X
ApplicationData User (FSX.cfg/dll.xml):
ApplicationData All Users (Scenery.cfg):
ApplicationData Flights:

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I have used it in P3d 2.5 but not v3 yet!! it worked fine in 2.5 all except the winch but i prefer the tow plane anyway, i will reinstall it tomo and report back, and i used EMT because the developer has not updated the installer yet.

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Has any installed this DiscusX V1.60 in P3D V3.1


Dave I have it installed in V3.1 and can confirm it works fine (I use the BM mainly, so cannot comment on the tow and cable launcher).


I manually installed mine from FSX into V2.4 way back, and have carried it forward into V3.0 and 3.1.


If you have it installed in FSX or another P3D version its relatively easy, since the gauges are self-contained in the aircraft (Aerosoft_DiscusB, BT and BM) subfolders. Wish all would do this rather than have gauges all over the show.


Simply copy the /simobjects/airplanes/Aerosoft_DiscusB, Aerosoft_DiscusBM and Aerosoft_DiscusBT folders from FSX into the standard P3dV3.1 airplanes folder, or into an external airplanes folder if you have one set up and configured outside the P3D core.


In your FSX install look into the "Modules" folder. There should be a "b21_vario" folder. Copy that to the P3D3.1 "Modules" folder.


Open c:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\Lockheed Martin\\Prepar3D V3\dll.xml in notepad and add these lines


    <Name>b21 vario sound control</Name>


Then the only really tricky bit is to set the sound files path up properly.


In each variant's folder under simobjects\airplanes there is a "panel" subfolder. Open this folder and look for the file asc.cfg ; open that with notepad. The second line of this file under [GENERAL] starts with wavdir= "somedirectory"


The "somedirectory" this points to must be where you have installed the aircraft


eg D:\Prepar3D V3\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_DiscusBM\sound\Aerosoft_Sound_System_Discus (for the asc.cfg in the Aerosoft_DiscusBM\panel folder)


and D:\Prepar3D V3\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_DiscusBT\sound\Aerosoft_Sound_System_Discus (for the asc.cfg in the Aerosoft_DiscusBT\panel folder




And you are set to go.


You can copy the Aerosoft directory in the root of your FSX installation to the P3DV3.1 root; that just has the manuals in it, and does not affect the operation of the aircraft.


If you don't have it in FSX, hope you still have FSX installed then can install it there first and do the above. Otherwise may have to use EMT tool.



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Dave I have it installed in V3.1 and can confirm it works fine


Thanks Rob,


I have done all of that but haven't had time to test it.

looking forward to see how ASN lift is coming along.

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Aerosoft ASK21 and CumulusX work too. There could be some problems with smart tow not sure.

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