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  1. concur no LW for me last 48 hrs no matter what I do
  2. It wasn't that but thanks for the suggestion. The exe would run for 1/4 sec as seen in process explorer then exit. There was never any icon in the taskbar. After half a dozen tries over 10 minutes it then suddenly started. My internet connection was up. Sounds like server to me.
  3. It happened to me just now P2A starts then stops. Is it another server issue? Is there a way to know by looking at the logs? Program StartedPilot 2 ATC (P2A) - version 09/19/2021 13:45:29 That is all that appears in the logs
  4. After a long process of trial and error I found the cause of the severe stuttering I was getting on a 9700K 32GB 3090 GPU in VR. Autogen and scenery draw distance should not be turned up higher than MEDIUM in VR otherwise there is a risk of periodic severe stutter. The strange thing is that it is not dependent on any other setting. For example I could turn autogen densities to sparse and it would still produce the stutters. I tried all sorts of things such as reducing the number of cloud layers reducing the shadow quality reducing the frame rate or traffic etc etc. The stutter was so bad at times I thought it must be I conflicting application in the background. Just that one slider fixed it totally. I can turn everything up and it'll be smooth as but just not that one slider. You can turn that slider right up to max and it will work now and then but you can never be sure that you will suddenly be struck with this stuttering that's why it should be kept at medium.
  5. Still use CropdusterX and WAMA regularly excellent apps and support. All the best.
  6. Same happened to me. Default your in sim settings. The other way to tell you have the bug is that the cloud sliders become greyed out with or without EA active. A simple default then manual rebuild of the settings will fix it.
  7. Update on the crash I got using this setting MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=320000.000000. After I fixed the bug where no clouds were showing I've had a few flights without issues on the 3090 and I think the CPU is working less hard during descent. It's a great setting if you have got the vram to spare although it didn't seem to use that much more thanks a lot.
  8. I had the same issue at one point. It isn't P3D or the reverb that is the problem. From memory it's windows and you have to turn off hardware accelerated GPU scheduling in the settings. There could be other another setting as well but I can't remember it at the moment.
  9. Hi rob thanks it was set to 0. CPU and GPU loads are around 50 to 70% with temps roughly the same. If I set it to default I have no crash. i am in the middle of chasing this bug: No clouds in v5 HF2 - Prepar3D Forums so maybe the two bugs are related because of texture loading. I fly the same route over and over again practicing IFR so I will report back if I discover why it crashed on MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=320000.000000 Cheers
  10. I tried 320000 as per rob's video in P3D52 on a 3090 and it caused an NT DLL crash to desktop during descent.
  11. Add this strange message to the list on the default scenario on a default plane:
  12. Had the same thing happen to me on almost same spec machine and Reverb 1. Not 100% sure how I fixed it but at least try these two: - switch "hardware accelerated GPU scheduling" to off in windows 10 settings - default all your nvidia GPU settings - also make sure that no overlays like windows game overlay (win-G key) aren't running At some point the problem disappeared from my system. A week ago I was getting headset stuttering tracking my head movements. It would happen in P3D or not. Wasted my time reinstalling WMR, SteamVR etc. Turned out defaulting all the Nvidia GPU settings fixed it.
  13. Yeah I used to get that too - annoying. Something is wrong with the installation. Try re-installing as administrator and read their forums for help but support is slow. It is a layered install too. You need Envdir installed first before Envshade.
  14. Did you try the funclibrary.fxh file replacement fix that used to *sort of* work with previous envshade?
  15. Since the latest versions of either SteamVR, WMR or Nvidia drivers (not sure which), not only does pre-render no longer work but also I'm getting stuttering even on the desktop whenever the CPU is slightly busy. It has to be a threading bug. (System 9700K, Reverb, 2080TI, 32GB, W10).
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