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  1. I seem to remember that when you plugged and played your sons 1080 into your system the error was completely eliminated is that true?
  2. The phenom is great in VR isn't it. You have a 2080ti. Do you think that card would have solid performance in P3D on a Pimax 5K? A guess will do!
  3. Try Jim and Rob's suggestion of reducing the GPU core clock speed down to get it more stable. Definitely no overclock. So far it is working for me but there is still more testing to do. EDIT: the brand new 2080 card I have passed all normal stress tests at the OC frequency of 2100MHz but it was not stable in P3D. I dropped it to 1800MHz and so far so good. Best wishes with it.
  4. So far you are correct Jim (and Rob) on my experience today so thank you. It is the last time I ever use Gigabyte software I have had trouble with it for years. This time AORUS Gigabyte GPU utility did not update my clock speed properly on it's own brand hardware! The card is brand new. I did my testing based on a 1800MHz reference boost clock for a 2080 and its own graphs where showing it but when I checked it with GPU-Z it was showing 2100MHz! I also saw heaven bench showing 2100 but didn't believe it because I thought Gigabyte software should be considered as the authority on their own card. The card was passing the standard stress tests. But I triple checked when I downloaded MSI afterburner which was also reporting 2100MHz! No wonder it was falling apart in P3D. It is branded as an OC card but It was obviously on the ragged edge this entire time while I have been testing the DEVICE_HUNG problem. It is not conclusive yet though but I have a feeling it is going to be the cause. Another 5-10 flights should be good confidence. I feel completely stupid about this. There is no benefit at all in the extra 300MHz! Cheers EDIT: the card has a three year warranty so I guess 2100MHz must put time to fail at 3 years and one day!
  5. Thanks for providing the specs. You do have a big overclock and 2GB vram is marginal so your system could potentially get device hung for normal hardware reasons but I wouldn't be surprised if you are actually seeing the lost focus device hung problem as well. Yes VRAM shortages are implicated. I have 8GB but will experiment with turning off high res textures. EDIT: if your settings are appropriate it should be ok. What is the minimum spec for VRAM in 4.4? What actually is P3D designed to do if it runs out of VRAM?
  6. That is definitely a factor in not just my case but others. There are legit hardware problems in the GPU that can also cause it. Some peoples reports about how they fix it can't be relied on because the problem is random. Lately though, it is more often associated with switching out of the sim to other apps that triggers it maybe not instantly but within a random amount of time while the sim has lost focus. Also the amount of external processes running alongside the sim is a factor. The theory is that DEVICE_HUNG is not actually a GPU fault in some cases but rather a corruption of data to the GPU by the CPU caused by a threading issue with the whole system.
  7. That would have been really frustrating after such an epic flight. I too need the sim to work flawlessly for at least 4 hours a session. Could you check your situation and run the simulator with just the bare minimum of addons necessary to do a single player flight and don't interact with the desktop unless absolutely necessary especially with apps that access the web. Just a theory. You would have to check for simulator reliability many times before concluding anything though.
  8. Is there some way to log the idle state that you know of? It would be interesting to see what the clock does when you switch out of the sim onto other desktop apps.
  9. It might not be best to just say the same things about broken clocks and reinstalling etc. I and others are seeing the error come from the multitasking environment that the simulator is working triggering it in on brand new GPU's with modest clocks even underclocks as well as new PSU's fresh installations.
  10. Ok then to summarise the theory so far (for testing tomorrow). Bad Old scenery/models/infrastructure still may run under P3D but adds to the load of the CPU<->GPU communication logic which combined with other CPU loads coming in from external apps as well as internal loads within the sim, all adds up to a critical CPU thread so overloaded that at some point it flags that the GPU has a problem when in some cases it does not. If this this theory is true, it should never happen on default installations on default scenery and planes on default settings, but apparently it does, and people also know that their GPU is not faulty. It could be that something external is putting pressure on the CPU thread pushing it over the edge which is still causing the device_hung flag to wave.
  11. So the theory is that a rendering process external to the sim holds up corrupts the CPU thread that needs to be delivering something to the GPU in the sim, then the GPU throws up an exception of some kind that another thread inside the sim detects as a DEVICE_HUNG. EDIT: But it only happens in situations where there is a certain combination of overworked CPU and underworked GPU because of timing in the throughput. In other cases DEVICE_HUNG happens for totally valid and normal reasons like hardware problems.
  12. Ok, so revise my theory to say that if the CPU is too busy it cannot correctly form the data that the GPU needs in the time that the GPU needs it. Maybe it needs to join together a whole heap of thread outputs but can't because some of the threads aren't ready. So it is not a GPU hung problem as is reported by the sim. It is a CPU too busy problem. I like your theory that browser technology is deeply meshed into the environment the sim has to live in. I tell you what, for now chrome or any app that accesses the web not specifically designed for the simulator, won't be running in my tests in the future to track down this problem. LittleNavMap has been correlated with the DEVICE_HUNG for me when it was in the foreground more than once and accesses the web a lot. Others have reported PDF viewers in the foreground which incidentally access the web too. It is a complicated problem. If my theory is right, the outcome of the theory is that people who throw the latest GPU's (1080 series and up) into older generation CPU hardware and motherboards, are more likely to see this problem (people like myself). If the theory is wrong, it would make no difference. If the theory is correct, then people who leave their old computers as is where CPU/GPU are a good match will probably not see this problem unless they have a genuine hardware issue. EDIT: the theory could also explain why people like Rob hardly if ever see this problem because Rob always buys the best CPU available when he buys the best GPU available. It could also explain why I hardly ever saw this problem when I had my 1080 in the system, but when I put the 2080 in, the problem became far more evident because my CPU was already on the limit before the upgrade. If the theory is correct, if 4.4 tweaks the threading system in P3D in some way, it might show up problems in people's systems with mismatched CPU/GPU combinations more than 4.3 did. But there are always legitimate reasons as well when there is actually a DEVICE_HUNG when the device has actually hung.
  13. Here is the theory I have as to what causes this error. Please comment on the theory. There are CPU threads in the simulator that hook onto the GPU and communicate with it. If the CPU is sufficiently interrupted from attending to all the threads it must attend to in the sim, to a point where it cannot handle the GPU threads quick enough, the threads to the GPU timeout, and the sim reports it as a DEVICE_HUNG but it is not the GPU that is the problem. But it is only in some cases where a device has really hung. Perhaps some people get genuine hardware problems. But for many, the CPU becomes unable to handle the threads to the GPU in sufficient time - that is the cause. So if this theory is true, then, IF your hardware has checked out for all cross checks, stress tests and it is not running too hot or otherwise stressed, try and see if you can reduce as many external apps and programs and addons that would take time away from the CPU. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason why a lot of people with 1080 series GPUs and even 2080 series GPUs are seeing this problem, because the GPU is expecting their weaker CPU's to attend to it, but the CPU is too busy to handle the big performance gap between it and the GPU. The CPU thread to the GPU that times out may not produce any visible effects on frames if it is a background data processing thread. It just simply times out and gets reported as a GPU hang. I wouldn't be surprised if things like affinity is involved in this. I wouldn't be surprised if the bug doesn't happens on a 9900K running a 1080, 2080 series GPU. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen on appropriately balanced CPU/GPU combinations. JUST A THEORY with the evidence that so far minimising the external workload on the CPU has worked for me today in testing I have not seen the hang for the first time in days. A particularly suspicious load on the CPU would be chrome browser. If you look at the number of processes that app throws up on the operating system that the CPU has to handle randomly as well as handle the simulator, I'm amazed you can run Chrome at all with it. ONLY A THEORY, and my own tests could easily prove me wrong next time I investigate this. Random problems are the worst.
  14. I think the Discus X cockpit glass is less clear in VR in 4.4 because of PBR. I think it is the artificial reflections they textured into the glass stand out more now and are more annoying. Would like to get your opinion on that. The ASK21 from Aerosoft is beautiful in VR in 4.4 have flown it many times (but it is not officially 4.4 ready). Yes water reflections are broken, I turn them off. They were broken for a long time already. Shadows are all good and VR performance is also good. Yes most if not all the Wolfgang gliders are not VR compatible unfortunately. Yeah I will definitely get Condor2 when it is VR ready. But P3D is king with gliding for me because I am learning so much about gliding since I am flying in VR with IGC recordings of real world gliding pilots from in the same scenery and weather using ORBX and AS2016 historical weather using CumulusX and simlogger. Let me know if you ever want to know how to do that.
  15. Hi Bruce - Recently most people will say it happened less often on 4.3 than 4.4. That is my case. My suggestion is do the simplest things first. Don't start debugging hardware yet. Don't start reinstalling software yet. A lot of people report doing this but it might be a waste of time and effort. They might get an improvement but the bug is random and unless the cause is found you can never know when it will hit again even with brand new GPU like I have. The lowest hanging fruit for me in testing is to close of all the addons run the sim without addons and see how you go adding them back one by one. For me the bug happens when the simulator looses window focus mostly when I am doing something on the desktop while the sim is running and heavily loaded - similar to your observation when you switched to EZDOCK external view. Cheers