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  1. I'm not sure it does. I have the Oculus software blocked in the firewall for months without problems. I can't use the store and can't do updates (which are advantages for me), but I can use the Rift without any troubles or outside interference.
  2. For the PTA and ENVTEX experts in here

    In theory, PTA shouldn't even include an option to modify the Prepar3D.cfg because it is illogical. PTA is about shader files and that is all. What I do as a hack, is save a default shader file in PTA with any cfg changes I use but no shader tweaks, and revert back to that when I need too. Then, when there is a new shader preset I want to try, I make sure that the option to tweak the cfg in the preset is turned off. Unfortunately, if you are not aware of it, some PTA presets do modify the cfg file.
  3. For the PTA and ENVTEX experts in here

    I agree that it does get a bit confusing. If you have PTA mod for modifying shader files, I think it is best to use it separately from ENVTEX and turn off ENVTEX shaders. ENVTEX specializes in injecting textures. PTA specializes in manipulating shaders.
  4. Real Pilot

    VR headsets a big help because of the 1:1 scale. Pilots rotate their head in the same way as real world and can focus correctly on visual cues as well as instruments. VR is already good and next year 4K per eye headsets should start to ship if we're lucky.
  5. Best helicopter for p3d

    Thanks. I'm still on P3D3.4 because of the wonderful Dodosim. If the Dodo goes the way of the dodo in P3D 4.0, is the Milviz MD530 the go to heli now for realistic flight dynamics?
  6. Had to Test Irma

    Thanks! I guess bumping up the number of cloud layers could help the effect in the eye except for performance. But if the eye is over a non-populated area without much scenery, max cloud layers might be interesting to try. What was it like moving from the max intensity wind into the eye with the plane? Sudden jolts of the aircraft as the wind dropped off? Lots of turbulence? Enhanced turbulence setting could be a good one! In P3D there should also be a change in the light level going from intense overcast to clear skies.
  7. Had to Test Irma

    I feel for you. Without electricity, next time can you afford a generator to run your flightsim for an hour a day? Next time you are travelling, if you have the money by a VR headset. Easier to carry around than a monitor and the immersion is great. Does AS16 model the eye of the hurricane? Always been fascinated by that. Presumably there is a wall of cloud off in the distance with clear sky overhead and little wind.
  8. WAMA 1.08 released

    The playback feature is simply awesome Oliver well done! The playback controls even work in VR (unlike AITX). My idea is to detect owners of AITX and put an option into WAMA to replace the simulator recorder with the AITX recorder so that when you hit playback in the WAMA log it does these things: it puts you in the cockpit with the same playback controls as the default recorder but with extra features like being able to switch views from the playback dialog window no load screen just instant switching in and out of the replay and real life (seamlessly) ability to use direct mode for ultimate playback of all controls/lights etc. option to put your view external and displaced from the touchdown spot so that you can conveniently see the landing as if you were standing by the runway. change it so that it automatically records takeoff and landing with two little hot links in the logbook column marked "takeoff" and "landing" under the column entry called "playbacks" Change it so that it says "record when below xxx feet" (where the user assumes that means both takeoff and landing) Wama would have to know whether the customer owns AITX. I'm also assuming that you could add the binary recording code from AITX under the hood of WAMA without interfering with any of the other code which might not be simple and which adds extra code maintenance overhead. Totally ignore my requests if you think it will cost too much time and effort for what it is worth, because already WAMA is outstanding as it is and I respect your judgement totally. Cheers, Harry
  9. WAMA 1.08 released

    Cool feature Oliver Another really cool feature that would increase sales is to upgrade the automatic recording of takeoff and landings to AITX binary format for users of AITX. It would need just one parameter the distance in nm after takeoff and before landing that recordings stop/start. Cheers
  10. Hi Oliver Thanks for the hard work on AITrackerX. Been experimenting with binary recordings and dispatching some AI formations to fly with it, then flying live to join the formation with the binary at the head. It does work which is good. Managed to reduce the jitter down somewhat. Managed to reduce the forward jerking of the AI in the formation with dampening and other options. So it's not perfect but doable. Question is, why is my binary recording playing back at about 10-20% of the original airspeed? I know that I flew the recording at 200kts IAS but if I follow the playback with or without a formation attached to it, the playback is only flying at about 170-180kts IAS. Cheers PS) Do you think that P3Dv4 produces more smooth behavior for the main features of AITracker compared to v3? I'm still in 32 bit.
  11. AI Tracker X with P3D and Oculus Rift

    It is good fun glad that you got it working for your AI museum exhibit. Should create a lot of interest especially in VR. The problem for me is trying to minimize the jitter and movement of the AI formations in P3D not to spoil the immersion. Any luck with that? The jitter control for binary playbacks works really well and I find the dampening rate for movements of the AI formation helps somewhat. Also dampening down the forward movement of the AI in formation helps. It also helps to minimize the amount of other apps that are plugged into P3D like weather apps etc. Still not perfect though. I'm in P3Dv3. Is your museum exhibit computer(s) running in 64 bit?
  12. AS16 + ASCA + Entex + PTA help :(

    I think turn off ENVTEX shaders and instead install the PTA shaders with the PTA mod. It is confusing but I think if you read the manual for ENVTEX it says that. I have the envtex shaders off and use the PTA shaders running PTAbsolute natural and it works.
  13. Carenado Navigraph Extensions Ready

    Thanks Jim. The Phenom series lives on. Do you have the bug where the rudder doesn't work in the 100 when you deactivate the AP/YD while in the air and it only starts working again when you touch down? Can't do realistic cross wind landings because of it. Cheers
  14. Something isn't making sense. Good thinking that the primary core must logically do more work on any multithreaded sim, but if the primary core is artificially sped it up it will just have to wait more for the other threads to execute on the slower cores. This will bring temperatures down, but the temperature/performance trade off should be identical to all cores running at the same speed no? In other words you don't get something for nothing? I could be wrong.
  15. AI Tracker X with P3D and Oculus Rift

    Hi DeeGee I'm doing a similar thing to you. I'm on oculus rift VR too and am building a formation flight using military aircraft and AITrackerX and P3D. It is an amazing app but the interface is not set up well for VR. Please, talk with the developer over at this forum and see if there is something we can do to improve this amazing app for VR use: I will help you over at that forum and Oliver the developer is very good with help. This topic will most likely get moved out of P3D forums. Cheers