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  1. In native VR everything behaves as you would expect. I don't use flyinside anymore because LM nailed VR in 4.3 the performance is at least as good possibly better in my experience. VR rift vsync is in multiples of 90/45/30 instead of the usual monitor refresh multiples of 60/30/20. External limiters work but not nvidia inspector unless I was using an old version. I have used dxtory as the external limiter in VR because it's free, you can adjust it on the fly and I thought it did a slightly better job than NI inspector at holding the software vsync steady anyway.
  2. glider1

    oculus rift

    You need controllers or can you manipulate windows in native with a mouse?
  3. Thanks Dave. What about airports where there isn't even UNICOM? How do I find a center frequency that works either on the ground or in the air? Australia is full of long dirt airstrips that have no services at all with vast distances between them. Normally I'd look it up on a chart but in P2A I can't be sure the frequency is live unless it is in the frequency list. Thanks, Harry
  4. Hi Dave sorry to be a pain but this problem is back again for me on Here is a link to the log: It could be because I flew out of Norfolk Island NSW Australia which is uncontrolled after filing an IFR plan. I was hoping to contact center once in the air. Your software doesn't list center frequencies (I wish it would!) so I was flying blind for frequencies until approach turned up in the list for NWWE. No center frequencies worked not even official frequencies and not even the ones displayed in the taxi monitor. In order to find out if center is live I pretty much always start up by giving them my callsign and my altitude and wait for them to acknowledge. I also listen for background chatter which is a good indicator that the frequency is live. So I gave up on center and contacted NWWE approach but forgot to get IFR clearance from them. Approach didn't seem to care and immediately started giving me IFR directions which I found very strange (there is a bug like that in PF3 as well). But then they handed me off to another approach and that is when the infinite loop started..... At 16:42 in the log you start to see dozens of Trigger:ReachedArrivalSetup. I eventually had to disconnect, reconnect and refile my plan. Thankfully, I could contact approach and they carried on vectoring me in which allowed me to complete the flight successfully. But having to reconnect is a pain in the a... especially with a VR headset on. Could you take a look at the log please dave especially from 16:42 onwards? Sorry for the long post I realise you are very busy. Cheers, Glider
  5. glider1

    Using AiTrackerX for flying as a passenger

    Hi Oliver It is a complicated problem to pin down. Today no CTD for reasons I don't understand but I can induce one pretty easily. A couple of observations: I think center ATC think that the plane is being followed by another and will issue a traffic alert for aircraft less than 1nm 🙄 ATC stopped directing the plane during the flight. I had to end the session after 3 hours because the plane was way off course never going to make the dispatched destination. Probably a P3D ATC issue for AI planes. At least I learnt the aircraft systems it wasn't a waste. AI doesn't seem to react to weather engine effects like turbulence etc? What is really good about it is that you can learn the systems of the aircraft while they are all live enroute. The fuel levels update, the map updates, the gauges, FMS, lights etc. Much better than learning it on the ground while the plane is stationary. Not sure if fuel consumption figures are accurate probably not considering it is an AI flying. Boy they are rough pilots. No subtlety at all 🙂
  6. glider1

    Using AiTrackerX for flying as a passenger

    Ok thanks Oliver. I'll try to chase it down. Not sure what has changed in my system going from 4.2 -> 4.3. It is a caranedo phenom 100 with navigraph extension. This mode of flying is actually very useful for learning systems. You can do a flight as a copilot and physically interact with the glass cockpit and learn FMC etc while your pilot flies you somewhere..... at least you could in 4.2 in the same scenario.
  7. glider1

    Using AiTrackerX for flying as a passenger

    Hi Lorby sorry about that P3D 4.3 CTD. Thanks ok I get the concept now. Nevertheless the param changes in pilot view are causing the P3D CTD not every time just most of the time. Appreciate that you are busy.
  8. glider1

    Using AiTrackerX for flying as a passenger

    Hi Oliver - I had this working quite reliably in 4.2 using your procedure above but now in P3D 4.3 it crashes when changing parameters. The weird part is that cockpit view looks correct but when you look out the window at the wings, there are two wings superimposed vertically like a biplane. If you try to correct that with parameters it doesn't superimpose exactly and can crash to desktop. Could you in your spare time just do a check of this in P3D 4.3 just to be sure it is working and not a problem my end? Maybe I need to reinstall AITrackerX or something? Thanks
  9. glider1

    WhereAreMyAircraft - WAMA updated to 1.12

    Hi Oliver - All's good. I must have gotten AITrackerX into a strange mode first trial. This time I did it per your instructions above and didn't use the observer pod but was in the actual aircraft I intended to be a passenger in before commencing following. I used the shortcut keys to change my position in the seat in VR. No clipping absolutely perfect as if I were flying the plane. I could actually interact with the G-1000!? Pilot didn't seem to care 😉 Interesting way to learn ATC procedures too for beginners. Excellent thought that people with disabilities are going to love this feature in VR! Good on you for thinking of them. I don't have CameraX installed. Cheers
  10. glider1

    WhereAreMyAircraft - WAMA updated to 1.12

    Hi Oliver - I tried sitting as a passenger in an AITrackerX flight as you suggested. It was a lot of fun! A few minor issues I found in pilot view. When the pilot accelerates or deaccelerates my position in the passenger seat shifts even when I lock it. The virtual cockpit integrity is clipped by the observer viewing bubble. So I can see the cockpit but also see the ground underneath even when I adjust the position with the pilot view parameters. I assume this is because you are actually superimposing the observer aircraft within the AI aircraft I am following? It even works in native VR! Anything that can be done about these minor issues? Cheers
  11. I'm confused Dave. I downloaded it as an update from your website yesterday about 12 hours ago.
  12. Hi Dave Infinite loop with ATC handing me off to approach from center in an endless loop Sequence of events I was flying a GA IFR into Nelson NZNS in New Zealand from Stratford NZSD. I created a flightplan in P2A and hit Autoplan. P2A added an approach for the flight. I took off from Stratford which is uncontrolled. No frequencies available on the ground so I take off on Multicom freq. Climbing out I contact centre and ask for IFR clearance which they give me I get instructions everything is fine including handoffs etc At around 16:00 On TOD center wants me to contact Nelson approach in an unstoppable infinite loop. I had to disconnect and reconnect to stop the controller repeating the same message over and over. then manually ask for a visual into the airport from approach which they give me but they don't hand me off to the tower as I arrive on final Please find attached logs and flightplan. Note that the infinite loop happens at around 16:00. Link to logs: Thanks for your help. Glider1
  13. glider1

    Thanks. I had no idea what performance was before this update but performance is a key decision I had to weigh up. It seems good enough. It can be kept away from the main sim cores with affinity. It is surprisingly heavy on cpu use but it doesn't matter much if it is not running on the same cores the sim is. The one thing I don't like is that the SQL database process P2A needs runs separately from the app and it cannot be kept off the main sim cores (system forbids it). But luckily it's impact is not noticeable so far because I'm guessing that the SQL process is merely doing quick database lookups not any processing of data.
  14. glider1

    Adding frequencies modding the DB

    Thanks Dave got confused about difference between FIS and FSS.
  15. Hi there Flying ORBX New Zealand north island at the moment. P2A doesn't find any FSS for the region. I think that in reality it exists: Just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to modify frequencies database. There is nothing in the manual and I read that the feature was removed in version 2. What about doing a naughty and modifying the database with an external app? Any help appreciated, no stress. Cheers