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  1. glider1

    Thanks. I had no idea what performance was before this update but performance is a key decision I had to weigh up. It seems good enough. It can be kept away from the main sim cores with affinity. It is surprisingly heavy on cpu use but it doesn't matter much if it is not running on the same cores the sim is. The one thing I don't like is that the SQL database process P2A needs runs separately from the app and it cannot be kept off the main sim cores (system forbids it). But luckily it's impact is not noticeable so far because I'm guessing that the SQL process is merely doing quick database lookups not any processing of data.
  2. glider1

    Adding frequencies modding the DB

    Thanks Dave got confused about difference between FIS and FSS.
  3. Hi there Flying ORBX New Zealand north island at the moment. P2A doesn't find any FSS for the region. I think that in reality it exists: Just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to modify frequencies database. There is nothing in the manual and I read that the feature was removed in version 2. What about doing a naughty and modifying the database with an external app? Any help appreciated, no stress. Cheers
  4. glider1

    Ear Trumpet - Better volume control.

    Thanks mixing volumes has become a pain no question. I do think that it would be handy if pilot2ATC had a volume control for the chatter it would make things a lot easier. Right now if you want to turn down just the chatter you have to increase all the other volumes from almost ten different sources including other apps so that the chatter is the correct volume.
  5. glider1

    Missing ARTCC data in P2A

    I actually didn't want to edit them. I wanted to know what they were because I was attempting to find someone that would open my vfr flightplan. There isn't a FSS or departure frequency listed where I am only tower and approach. I tried opening it with approach but they didn't understand what I wanted. I tried unicom and that didn't work either. In the end I scrubbed the whole idea of opening the flightplan and just filed it and asked for clearance. So I thought I'd give center a go and that is how I found the bug.
  6. glider1

    Missing ARTCC data in P2A

    Hi Dave I must be the only P2A pilot in the southern hemisphere! Glad that the data is actually there. The center frequencies are also missing in the list of available frequencies in the main display. Cheers and thanks for looking into it.
  7. I think I have an issue with P2A latest version not knowing what the center frequencies and names are for my part of the world Australia-New Zealand. If you look at the image below, P2A doesn't show the names or frequencies for any areas in southern latitudes only the boundaries: P2A ARTCC display Question: What do I need to do to add this data? I already imported the P3D BGL database and it made no difference. I would like Pilot2ATC to list the center frequencies and boundary names for Australia/NZ which it currently does not. Thanks in advance
  8. glider1

    Cumulus X in P3D v4

    Yes it can be installed manually. It is just an external app that installs a couple of folders into official locations in the sim, one for the app and another for the clouds. Did you download it officially from here: Run the installer as administrator. It is just a command line program so it disappears for a while then comes back When it says it can't find fsx, click yes you do want to install it somewhere else Install it into a dummy location say for example c:\fsx_dummy When it says it can't find exe.dll and DLL.dll say no you do not want to create one At the end you will find in your dummy location, a simobjects and a module folder You now either make an official addon.xml file and install it as a P3D app or You simply copy the files and folders into your P3D installation manually because there is no difference between FSX and P3D folder structure Other things to keep in mind: There really are only two folders to copy, the modules/cumulusX! folder and the CumulusXcloud folder which you put into simobjects/misc. You don't need the DLL at all. CumulusX is standalone but for the cloud folder. Run cumulusX application by making a shortcut of it where ever you want (suggest running at as admin but I don't think it matters?). You can launch CumulusX before the sim starts or after. It doesn't matter. If you get strange movement of your plane every few seconds, it will because you didn't put the cumulusXcloud folder into the correct spot. If it is working, the CumulusX app will be connected to the sim and will show "GREEN" indicators for both thermal and ridge lift Remember that the unregistered version doesn't have extra features such as turbulence effects. The towplane speed and flap angles can't be customised because CumulusX tries to write them to an fsx.cfg file that doesn't exist. It would be great if someone wrote an addon.xml for CumulusX in P3Dv4 because it is just begging to be installed that way.
  9. Great software well done. I have been a long time PF3 user but the voice recognition integrated with MCE is less than optimal for me even though a lot of work has been put into it. I found Pilot2ATC recognition working better integrated with MCE. More variety of ATC situations especially for VFR. Am looking forward to using it as an advanced tool for IFR as well and it looks to be a great way to learn about SIDS and STARS. Happy with the purchase although it is expensive in my currency had a great flight with it yesterday. The background chatter option really adds to it as well. The computer voices are getting better and natural enough with static mixed in. Kudos for the excellent 10 day trial period without limitations really thoughtful way to try out the software. Request though... Could you put an option in to hide your aircraft position? I really like old school navigation. Do want to see the map - just not the plane! It isn't much to ask! Cheers, thanks.
  10. The Indian and Spanish voices in w10 are worth it (but are female again). When the speech pack is around 100MB it is a clue that the quality of the voices will be pretty good.
  11. VFR situation in MCE/PF3 is still a work in progress and I have similar problems to you. Changing runway verbally is a pain in the a and would like to know if there is a reliable command for that. On the mechanism I think you have to cross the holding point officially designated at your airport otherwise PF3 doesn't realise that you are ready to transition from taxing to contacting tower. So I don't think you can shortcut the takeoff procedure because the intersection takeoff doesn't trigger the transition. It is worth experimenting. MCE of course still doesn't handle pattern communications with PF3 properly yet and I don't think you can request touchngos either. Please correct me if you have had successes with any of this!
  12. glider1

    P3Dv4.2 loads on START

    That doesn't always work I found out. P3D closes but on some systems with slow shutdown times it is still in memory while windows 10 is shutting down so W10 thinks P3D is still loaded and runs it on startup next time anyway 🙃 You either have to check that P3D is fully unloaded using task manager, or click on the desktop and press ALT F4 and select shutdown from the menu that popups up. Yeah I know 🙄 I couldn't find an option in the settings to disable this "feature".
  13. glider1

    Cumulus X in P3D v4

    Hi Caleb good one glad you got it working. CumulusX doesn't do wave lift. We tried hard to convince the developer to do it. He started work on it but never finished. Modelling wave lift is difficult especially since you have to have a pilot to test the model that has experience with wave lift. Not just wave lift, but dealing with ATC at that flight level and needing oxygen etc. We also tried suggesting it with Active Sky but not sure if they will give it a go. Condor sim does it. Realistically though, the CumulusX covers 95% of all gliding you would ever want to do and it does it very well. Strongly suggest buying the app to support it. It is cheap for what it does and there is always a possibility that we will never see a proper weather simulation for gliders other than it because the tube flyers don't need it.
  14. glider1

    Cumulus X in P3D v4

    Hi Caleb. You won't get much ridge lift unless there is wind blowing directly onto the ridge so that when it hits the mountain, it rises. That is what gives you the lift. The fair weather preset is for thermalling and it only has a light breeze. You can modify the preset to add a wind layer blowing onto the slope. Add 20 knots at 3/4 the height of the ridge at angle that blows onto the slope as close as possible. That should do it. Just as in real life, even if the wind is not blowing onto the slope directly, if there is any wind around, deviations in the shape of the ridge can produce small pockets of lift and ridges will also produce more thermals than on the ground if the angle of the sun is onto the slope (think solar panel). There is a lot into it. Enjoy learning the intricacies. By the way, the free version has things missing like turbulence effects so it is a cut down experience.
  15. glider1

    Cumulus X in P3D v4

    Anyway well done on getting CumulusX working. Pity it is not "officially" supported but unofficially it is fine. It is one of the most stable reliable apps I own in P3D. You don't need to run the DLL. The exe standalone version works fine. The DLL version is legacy. Fingers crossed that Active Sky people are working on building the same quality or better into there weather engine. The performance cost is very small these days and they could include an option to turn off advanced updraft simulation if they wanted to.