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Sascha...EVO2015 Dev..'ah..some U.T. entries were killing off your autogen, Mia Culpa!

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Sim: FS9 (FS2004)

CPU: i7-975 Extreme @ 4.1Ghz overclock

GPU EVGA Signature GTX680 2GB VRAM, not overclocked by user

Monitor Samsung 24 inch with live-time Dynamic Contrast feature

System: Dell XPX730x (produced in 2009) with air cooling, on CPU and 12 GB's 1600 memory.




Well Sascha...I can see why you asked me to turn off all U.T. elements other than Residential Roads. Yep...  actually I had only that option as checked....., but (for the reader's benefit), I DID have all U.T. lights ON for those roads that were not checked as 'on'....., thinking they would 'add' to yours. fact, they were MASKING all your EVO2015 3D autogen.


SOAB!!!! :shok:


So...HERE, is Sascha's TRUE autogen shining through, and being displayed in EVO2015, and the only way to get this display yourself, with U.T. in place, is to ONLY have U.T. Major Roads checked off..and then no other roads...and NO OTHER light selections for any type of U.T. road... 

If you do will get the kick-butt following: Left click the pics to bring out the highlights and color of the 3D autogen. 


So...again, here is EVO2015 at night in all its own autogen glory...and not being masked by U.T. lights and U.T. roads, OTHER than the Major Roads checked off.



All these shots are around KFNT, (Flint-Bishop) Michigan...and clearly you can get great FPS (FPS meter running...) with full EVO2015 3D lights autogen kicking butt!


So, please again note...all my prior pics of EVO1015 did NOT in fact have all of EVO2015's 3D autogen lights being I had some U.T. features as 'on'...and you should not have...which has the effect again, of not properly displaying EVO2015's great 3D autogen for the FS9-world.  In these following FS9/EVO2015 screenshots...THIS HAS BEEN CORRECTED!  :smile:






And one final for the road, of the Toronto Skyline...

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