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Hi everyone.  As you probably know we are launching a Beta of Pilot2ATC v2.0 soon.  This forum has been set up so we can track bugs and fixes of the new release.

If you are not a Beta tester of v2.0, please do not use this forum.  Rather, use the main support forum.


If you are reporting a bug in v2.0,


Open a new topic for each bug that has not yet been reported.


Post additional information on already open topics if your bug is the same and you have more information that might help find and fix the problem


Include the following information, plus anything else you think is relevant:


1- Description of the problem

2- Information about what you were trying to do when you had the problem

3- Screenshot of Pilot2ATC after the problem occurred.  If a CTD you can recreate, then a screenshot right before it occurred.

4-If an error message was displayed, a screenshot of the error message

5- Flight Plan, if one in use

6- Flight Transcript if error occurred during a flight (See below for how to prepare)


This information should allow me to find and fix the problem. 


I will update each bug topic with either requests for additional information, close-out if found not to be a bug, and fixes when done.  Explanations of how to avoid the problem if it isn't a bug will be made when possible.


Thanks for participating in the Beta release program. 


Preparing a Flight Transcript

The speech window keeps a running stream of all ATC and pilot conversations, as well as SayIt phrases used.  It also contains some "debug" information like Flight State Changes and Waypoints passed.  To capture and post this important data do the following:

1) Click on the Speech text window in the bottom right of the screen

2) Press Ctl-A to select all the text

3) Press Ctl-C to copy it all to the clipboard

4) Paste it into an email program or text program that can highlight text

5) You will notice much of the text is white and not readable.  Select all the text and then highlight it with a dark color like black or dark brown.  You should now be able to read all the text.

6) Paste it as a picture into the post or attach it to the post


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