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Super Bowl Bound - Day Three - Final Segment

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The screen shots in this topic are 1280 res. Click on any for a larger view.  The real world image further below of the Wasatch swell is also larger and worthy of viewing.




Yes TTOCS, don’t we wish we lived sometimes in FSX scenery?  Heavy snow present on landing late yesterday is nowhere to be found this morning as I prepare to take off for Santa Clara/San Jose for Super Bowl 50. 





Weather had cleared, though still very cold in Denver, but got my chance to buzz downtown Denver and Mile High Stadium/Invesco Field, home of the Broncos, on the way out of town. Found a double-stadium issue in sceneries on which I will start a separate topic in the Sceneries forum here. One comes from MegaScenery. This I believe is the FSX default stadium. Layering does not hide either of them.





Climbing out with Denver in the rear view,





Out over the Rocky Mountains. View below is what is referred to as the Interstate (highway) 70 corridor, which describes this highway corridor from Denver to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  It is the major route to the west from Denver, and the drive down on the highway is quite spectacular.  At one point it reaches a crest of well over 8.000 ft above sea level.





Another view of Interstate 70 (I-70) below as it runs along the Colorado River between Glenwood Sprnigs and Grand Junction, Colorado.





A view of the Colorado River in Grand Valley at Grand Junction, Colorado, near the border between Colorado and Utah.  You may see out ahead that the landscape changes dramatically.  The drive on I-70 between Green River, near Grand Junction, Colorado, and Salina, Utah, is 105 miles and is the longest stretch of USA Interstate highway with no services (gas, petro, food, rest facilities).  Despite that, it contains some breathtaking views, including the Wasatch Plateau and Wasatch Swell. 





Here is a real world image looking east from the top of the swell.





Another view from over Utah.





Utah contains many scenic and incredible canyons. Viewing from FL310 does not do them justice.





This vast area is desolate, with few signs of civilization.





It improves with flight progress to the west, where over Nevada more color returns to the landscape as well as an occasional picturesque elevated lake or reservoir.





And as the flight nears California the views get spectacular as the Sierra Nevada mountains come into view.





Breaking out from the mountains over what is named Central Valley in California, between Modesto and Stockton.





Central Valley blends a rich and widely diverse agriculture with mid-sized cities. From here the route calls for a descent to 5,000 ft. Looking at the mountain range in the distance I hope the GTN 750 is correct on the minimum safe enroute altitude (MSEA).





Entering right turn into a hold north of San Jose (KSJC), the airport visible in the distance.





The high volume of affluent traffic arriving for Super Bowl L pushed my approach a bit further north than usual for an approach to Rwy 12L.  This is a view during my left turn over the southern end of San Francisco Bay.





Another view while out over the Bay.





Rolling to a stop on 12L.  Where is everybody?

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Great  captures of the color and texture of the southwest!



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