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Distorted Mission Compass Fix

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Hi All,


The mission compass display was designed back when monitors had standard 4:3 aspect ratio displays.  Most everyone now has a widescreen monitor, so the mission compass appears stretched horizontally.  With some detective work I have found a way to correct it.


In your FSX gauges folder, look for the file "missionpanels.cfg" and make a backup.  Open it in notepad and scroll down to the [Window00] section.  Despite rather standard-looking entries, many are overriden by FSX internal code.  For example, the 'window_size' and 'window_pos" entries are totally ignored.  So no help in fixing the problem.  I also discovered the "size_mm" value can be commented out completely with no effect.  In fact, the easiest way to change the aspect ratio of the gauge00 in this window I found is to remove it (comment it out).


Then I was able to change the compass display's aspect ratio simply by changing values on the gauge00= line.  The third and fourth parameter then directly control the width and height of the gauge.  For my 16:10 apect ratio monitor I made the following changes:



;size_mm=98,123  // this line is commented out


;gauge00=Missions!POI, 0, 0, 98, 123  // original

gauge00=Missions!POI, 0, 0, 82, 100  // My settings for 16:10.  For 16:9 displays, try 75 instead of 82


I haven't tested this fully in other missions but in simple ones with just the mission pointer it looks much better.


David CYXE

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