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  1. I'm in the opposite situation, a long-time user of ASN and FSX on my desktop machine, but with P3Dv4 and ActiveSky for P3Dv4 on my laptop (I just had no luck getting P3D to run properly on my desktop machine (Win 7) but it runs fine on my Win10 laptop). I too considered upgrading from ASN to AS2016 for FSX but since I don't use ASCA it didn't seem worthwhile. I've been 100% happy with ASN and see very little difference between it and AS for P3Dv4 in use.
  2. Did you change the options.xml file to the correct value (30)? That file controls what GPS arrangement to display in the virtual cockpit. Sounds like it was still set to the default GPS. XML files are very fussy, and the file had to be changed exactly as I showed you in my second email. You will also need to change all the gauge name references from rxpGNS to rxpGNS2, I believe. David
  3. I would say it depends on your priorities and where you're coming from. For a simmer new to the hobby P3D makes more sense than FSX. For an older simmer like me, with thousands of dollars invested in addons for FSX over the years the decision is less clear cut. I bought P3Dv4 a year and a half ago thinking it was the way of the future. What is my go-to sim today? FSX! I carefully manage my scenery library, activating only those areas I'm flying in for any given flight. I use Steve's DX10 Fixer. I very rarely get OOM's and the scenery looks fine to me. Framerates are a non-issue. I have cockpit shadows like P3D. Plus I refuse to repurchase addons I already have (and which work fine in FSX) to run in P3Dv4, especially at a higher price!
  4. Hi Igor, I sent you my panel.cfg for my older RXP gauges. I would be interested to know if it works for you as I am considering upgrading to V2. I also use FSX. David
  5. Jacques, PM me with what GNS config you use (530 only, 530+430) and I will email you the panel.cfg. David
  6. This appears to affect the installers for both the 737NGX and 777X product lines. Hopefully this issue can be resolved and new buyers will get the same manuals older buyers have access to.
  7. I am also now missing these documents. They were there from and older installation but I uninstalled it to install the latest version and now they are gone. Seems to be a problem with this latest installer (V1.10.8448), for FSX. Of interest, the file size of this installer is noticeably smaller than my old installer, by some 50MB, suggesting something is missing.
  8. A year and a bit later and I see FSEarth Plus is now available, from the same author as the original FSEarth. P3D compatible. Unfortunately it is subscription based and there appears to be no trial mode. Has anyone tried it? David, CYXE
  9. After much sleuthing I discovered the explanation for the non-functional second transponder and ADF unt. All four of carenado's alternate panel.cfg files (in the panel.cfg directory) have gauge errors, pointing to non-existent gauges. So once the 'CAR_XP.exe' file is run any chosen configuration will disable these units. To fix it either edit all these files or your main panel.cfg file as follows: In the [Vcockpit02] section make the following two changes: 1) gauge02=Radio_P46T!RadioAdf, to gauge02=Radio_P46T!Radio_KR87_ADF, 2) gauge05=Radio_P46T!RadioTrans, to gauge05=RadioTrans_PA46T!RadioTransVC, David CYXE
  10. After a quick test on the ground I can confirm the problem appears to be fixed. Thank you! David
  11. I have since learned that I am running an older version of the aircraft (from 2014), so that may be my problem. I will try to obtain the latest version and try again. David
  12. I am unable to find a way to reset the generators. There is a Master Switch cover I can raise and lower, but the generator switches themselves only have two positions - ON or OFF. There is no third 'Reset' position I can identify with right or left clicks, nor with the mousewheel. David
  13. Very impressive mod! Thank you Bill for all your work on this. One problem I am having, however, is with the DC Generators. They don't work any more. The 'DC GEN' annunciator lights remain on and the DC meters on the overhead remain at '0'. Anything I am doing wrong? (I'm using the FSX version). Regards, David
  14. I have uploaded a PFPX file for the Premier 1A I have created, with data obtained from the POH. You can download it from Aerosoft's PFPX suport forum: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/4693-beech-390-premier-1a/ Feel free to try it out and report any issues here. Enjoy! David
  15. Simulating derated turboprop engine performance in Flight Simulator is very difficult to do realistically, if not impossible. Sure you can play around with power settings in the aircraft.cfg file or the torque curves in the .air file to get high power at altitude but then you have to set the fuel flow scalar low to give you correct fuel burn (low) at high power settings at altitude. FSX (and I presume P3D) link fuel flow to power. Set 1500 ftlbs of torque and 2000 rpm at 5,000' in your favourite Carenado turboprop and note your fuel flow. Do the same at 20,000'. I'll bet you'll see fuel flows exactly the same. FSX does not model decreasing fuel flow with altitude in turboprops unless power also drops. That's why I prefer turboprop models without derated engines, such as the -5 here, or the KingAir C90B over the C90Gtx. As you climb, power available drops and so does your fuel flow (like the real aircraft). The -5 powered aircraft is still plenty fast! If you don't care about unrealistically low fuel flows at low altitude, in climb, or at less than maximum cruise then fine. But it's not for me. If P3D does better in this regard I would like to know! Cheers, David
  16. I recently upgraded (after 5 years, I figured it was time) from an i7 2600K to the 6700K, along with a video card upgrade from a 560ti to a 1060. At close to the same processor speeds (4400GHz) I have roughly a 20% improvement in performance. Noticeable for sure but not earth-shattering.
  17. The 'pitch index' is a guide on the ADI of where to set your initial aircraft pitch angle after takeoff. It is set using '+' and '-' click spots either side of the 'test' knob, lower right of the ADI. Hold your mouse there and a tooltip appears showing your current pitch index. This is described on p.28 of the systems.pdf. I have mine set to 13 degrees. But it is strictly a visual cue and would have nothing to do with your exaggerated pitch up after takeoff. I would check your pitch trim indicator (between yaw trim and roll trim wheels on the pedestal) is neutral.
  18. Thanks but I found a third party livery in the Avsim library for my needs ( Qantas 747 RR). But it's disappointing to see them removed from PMDG's website. I'm sure I'm not the only one perfectly happy with these 'obsolete' products. First sales were suddenly cutoff, now the 'free liveries' are gone too, it seems. David CYXE
  19. Hello, Yesterday I went to download some new liveries for my MD-11 and 747X. I cannot find them in the downloads|Addon Iiveries section of PMDG's website, where they used to be. Have they been moved somewhere else or are they gone forever? David CYXE
  20. Do any of you with this violent shaking on GSX pushback have the DynamicFriction.lua active in FSUIPC by chance? I don't have the 747 but I experienced this problem with PMDG's MD-11 until I disabled the lua. The problem magically went away. David CYXE
  21. Thanks for posting this information, James. I was wondering if PMDG had finally udated their FMC logic to fly RF legs in this their latest release. I see they have not. I for one will be staying with my iFly 737 which, although it has some shortcomings vs. PMDG's 737NGX, can fly RF legs beautifully and without needing any bogus waypoints. They are fun approaches to fly! David CYXE
  22. Thank you for taking the time for this detailed reply. Very helpful. David CYXE
  23. I haven't purchased this program because I don't believe it will work easily for me. I almost never start my FSX with the default fsx.cfg file. I have half a dozen or so different *.cfg files I use, depending on what type of aircraft I plan to fly (single engine, twin prop, helicopter, jet,...). Each has a different control.ini file and other settings suitable for that type of flying. I start FSX with a custom desktop icon and an FSX command line switch (-cfg:). Can DX10 fixer be set to alter files other than the standard FSX.cfg? If not I assume I would have to manually switch my custom cfg files back and forth to fsx.cfg every time I made a change to or from DX10 mode. Will the fixer control panel recognize when I change FSX.cfg files? In other words, say I set DX10 mode active and the Fixer control panel sets up my FSX.cfg file appropriately. I then switch it with another of my cfg files. Will the Fixer control panel now recognize DX10 is not setup in this FSX.cfg (And vice versa)? Thanks in advance for any replies. David CYXE
  24. I, too, finally got activated manually. But it took a second support ticket submission five days after the first to have my account activated. No explanation what the problem was, other than to 'check my spam folder' which was the first thing I did. David CYXE
  25. Add me to the list of people frustrated by my inability to activate an account at Orbx. I submitted a support ticket four days ago, received an automated reply immediately, but am still waiting for a response. David CYXE
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