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Active Sky Next Stuttering whilst moving camera

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Hey guys, I need your help on this one...

So yesterday, I bought Active Sky Next for FSX. The installation went smoothly, and had no problems. I fired up FSX, loaded the A2A Cessna 172 at KFHR, and was amazed at the quality of this addon.

But here's the weird part...

When I loaded the iFly 737, the game would load normally, but whenever I moved the camera, the game would pause for like 5-10 seconds and then instantly move the camera to the rough area I was pointing at.

I then tried this with the Aerosoft A320,and I had the same problem.


It's really hard to explain. Basically, whenever I moved the camera the game lags, and instantly points the camera in the position I wanted. And whenever I'm not moving the camera, the game runs smoothly, with a few stutters here and there.


It's an extremely annoying problem, and I can't seem to find a fix for it. I've tried disabling the "Repeating overcast texture pattern fix" setting, and whilst it did solve the camera problem during one flight, it then appeared afterwards.


The only way I can solve this problem is by not launching ASN. Of course that's not necessarily the fix I'm looking for.

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi Chris,


Do you have anti virus running?  


This is from the ASN User Guide:


If you experience the errors “Unable to control ambient weather” or “Unable to load weather theme”, or experience stutters/delays, you may need to perform some additional steps to allow ASN and ASConnect to operate properly.
  • Ensure that ASN and FSX/P3D are fully trusted by your Security software (add them as trusted or excluded applications).
  • Certain firewall/AV software such as AVG requires trusting/excluding the ASConnect module file as_btstrp.dll (located in your [FSX/P3D Installation Location]\asn_srv folder).
  • Certain firewall/AV software may over-aggressively scan ASConnect radar output files used by some 3rd party developers (for radar integration), which can cause performance issues or communications failure. To prevent this, exclude the [FSX/P3D Installation Location]\as_srv folder (specifically .dat files).
  • You may need to provide additional security rights to your user account to allow the ASConnect module to operate and output data. This may include one of the following (either of these steps may be sufficient):
  • Run FSX/P3D “as administrator”
  • Set ownership of your Program Files (x86) folder to your user account (
  • Set read+write permissions to your user account within the FSX/P3D installation folder
  • Disable User Account Control (UAC) ( Note that application of any ASN updates may require re-application of security software settings for the ASN executable and ASConnect module components.


You can submit a ticket at HiFi for direct support.  In the ticket provide your most recent session log from ASN\Tools\Export Logs.

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No, I don't believe I have Antivirus running. I'll see if I can file a support ticket, thanks for the suggestion!

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Hey, I'm running into a problem with registering a account. Apparently, I need a account so it shows my payment # and such, but every time I try to enter a captcha , it always registers it as incorrect. I've redone it at least 50 times, typing exactly as it says in the image. But it's still somehow incorrect.


Is there a way I can seek help without having to register a account?

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Hmm, that's odd.  


Head over and post (if you can get in) at the forums explaining that you cannot register:


Have a look at this KB article and see if it helps:




If you have an issue registering send a PM to Daveo here at AVSIM, he is a mod in the HiFi forum here and and he is the support person at HiFi.  He may be able to create an account for you if you provide him with your order number.


Here's his profile page:

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