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Pilot2 ATC freezes when attempting to connect to P3D

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My name is Ken Smith. I purchased Pilot2ATC due to the interest generated in V2 and what I read on AVSIM.  I have P3D V3.1.  I am registered and the install went smoothly.  I read the documentation. All buttons work either with or without the simulator. I would get an error when pressing connect when I don't have the simulator on (which would be expected) that states SIM connect error. Unable to connect to the SIM or trouble starting the Speech Recognition Engine. Error Msg: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Again, expected if the sim was not running.


My problem is that when I have P3D running (aircraft on taxiway or at gate), when I hit CONNECT the program freezes. Done. I have version 4949f of FSUIPC. All buttons would work until I push connect, what then happens is the box to the right replies SIM CONNECTED while the program has froze. I can get no further. I have to restart the computer as the task manager won't expand and hangs at the task bar.


Any help would be appreciated as I was looking forward to version 2.

Wanted to add the I set to admin rights upon startup and have the latest version of the software.  Thank you.

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Hi Ken.

Sounds like you are actually connecting to the SIM, but your Grammar and Recognition Engines are not loading.


A common cause for this is not having a microphone connected and designated as the primary recording device for Windows.  There are instructions for doing this in the user guide.  The recognition engine connects to the default recording device, and if there isn't one, it will fail.


This can also be caused by not having the US-English language pack installed.  You can see if you do by opening the Config Window (Wrench Button to the Right of Call Sign box at bottom), and look on the Trouble Shooting tab.  You will find a list of installed Speech Recognizers and one named en-US should be there.


Another possible cause is that your call sign is not entered properly.  If you changed your call sign in the config window, be sure it displays on the main page something like "Eclipse N431VB" for GA, or "American 3254" for airline call signs.


If one of these doesn't do the trick, please email me (admin at a screenshot of P2A when it freezes so I can have a look. 




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