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Concorde FO controls still control CP side of AP

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I'm trying to setup the controls for the FSL Concorde X, in P3D and I have the CP side in Mode1 and FO side in Mode2, but when I switch to Mode2, I can see the FO controls are set in Linda, but what I see move in the VC are the CP controls. This goes for the HDG/TRK, VOR/LOC and the HDG rotary toggle.


Another thing I cant get to work are the radio frequencies. I tried my Saitek Radio panels through SPAD direct, as well as through SPAD with control numbers send to FSUIPC and the FSX default assignments in Linda, but nothing works.


Can someone help me out here, please?




Win10 64-bit

P3D v3.1

LINDA 2.6.7

FSL Concorde v1.0 profile

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Another problem I'm having, is that the concorde profile doesnt remember the saved assignments. I had created a profile that covered several controllers, including the MCP, but now I recall my settings, only the switches of my CH throttle quadrant are still assigned and everything else is gone.


I could really use some help setting up this profile.

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Hi Maarten


Sorry for the delay in responding but I have been away from my system. I do not use the Concorde modules so I can only answer in principle.


For you to use the FO operations you need dedicated FO functions to be written. These are the ones you would assign to Mode 2. You need to examine the module lua code.  If there is no exiting FO function you need to find out how the corresponding Capt function works. In these you will usually find a LVar for the switch/function that is used to interface between the LINDA and the add-on. You need need to use the Tracer facility to see if there is a FO LVar defined. With this information you then make a copy of the original Capt function, rename it and then insert the FO LVar in the appropriate places.


That is the best guidance I can give a present.

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