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Traffic at Gates Prepar3d v3

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Hi there guys,

I have Prepar3d v3 installed and have some great scenery but I would like to have some more detailed aircraft sat at the gates than the default ones that come with the scenery packs. What add on will be best for this?



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Depends really

Do you want to pay for it, or are you happy to make realistic scenarios with real time plans?

Also I supose it is also depends on what type of flying you do

So if i assume you fly into airline type airports then you can get UT2 to work also mytraffic works in p3d

I personally prefer to have my own setup as it can be done for free but does take a bit of time to get up and running most models can be found here on Avsim and airline plans are found quite easily and are up to date mostly

The programs required to create everything are also free and easy to get hold of

Pete Little

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I don't mind paying for it, as it will save a lot of time which is the best compatability and performance wise UT2 or MyTraffic? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Although UT2 is for fsx it can easily be used in P3d however I don't know how up to date the schedules are

The other downside is depending on where you fly you might end up with the UT2 default paints (daedalus) the plus side is the models are much better in UT2.Plus with UT2 the a/c may not be the actual type used,not a major thing but if you want acuracy then that can be a problem.

I don't have my traffic but I believe there are more painted aircraft,but the models are not as good. But it would be unfair to comment on those.

I started off in fsx with UT2,but with the help from someone here I now do all my own ai stuff.

Once you get the hang of it,it's quite simple, and i now have 1 folder that can be used in either fsx or p3d and you can have biz jet, cargo airlines and military that i don't think you can have in the other 2 easily.

If you need any info on how to do it pm me and i'll try to get you started.

Performance wise my traffic might be slightly better but For me there would be to many draw backs

Pete Little

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