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Nvidia Control Panel (Global) and Nvidia Inspector

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There is sometimes alot of reference made in the forums to Nvidia Inspector.  I just wanted to clarify what the difference is between NI and Nvidia's Control panel (Global) interface.  The interface seems to be almost identical with the same options presented.   


Is there a functional difference between the two?  Can I set 2x SGSS in NCP or do I have to set it using NI?




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NCC is what you can open from the nvidia icon in your systray.  Yeah, the two are similar, but I suspect (not confirmed), that the NCC dialog is part of the driver install directly from nvidia.  I don't think NI is sanctioned by nvidia (again, not confirmed).  You also forgot about the GeForce Experience, which adds yet another layer of adjustments from nvidia card, but I personally have never been able to get a flight sim to show up in it's list of supported games (since the sims aren't games, right?). :)


Look down through the available settings in NCC...what you see is what you get.  NI definitely has a lot more settings adjustments, but I believe it is all in what you prefer to tweak.  I thin the NCC is more of the "quick and easy" settings adjustments whereas NI is more in-depth and definitely not for the amateur.  A lot more understanding is needed with NI.


All of what I stated above is from my point of view (and experience) and I am open to hearing more from the experts.



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NCP offers the basic options. NI offers a LOT more options (really A LOT MORE). Like for instance the 2x SGSS you mentioned: this can only be set using NI. Take note that NI and NCP are both interfaces to the same set of settings: NI simply has access to hidden ones.


Concerning Jim's post: NCP is the official control panel you get with the nVidia drivers. NI is a non supported 3rd party utility.

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Thanks Jim


It seems that people aren't recommending any other setting changes outside of P3D itself other than 2xSGSS. So my question then is, can I set this in NCP or do I have to use the separate NI utility. Would there be a difference?


Edit: JvE - okay I thought the option was available in both. My bad

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