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vr1 FltPln Option "Force Pilot Runway Selection" out of service?

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Hello Dave,


LOWW Aiportinfo > active runway 29 while active runway in atis RWY34 (wind 320/10).


I enabled the option "Force Pilot Runway Selection" and it's a long way from gate to treshold RWY34. So I decided to takeoff from RWY29.  But there was no way to chose a specific runway execpt filing a flightplan with SID for runway 29. No sooner said than done.

But clearence delivery ignored the filed SID und cleared RWY34 SID LANU5D.

No way to request a different runway in P2A-phraseology as in real life.


How can I specify a RWY or how works the described option?






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Hard to say if it works. Normally the voice recognition capitulates before (I will write an separate e-mail to you for voice recognition advice. The recognition rate is very poor. I normally get good rates in LondonControl, FS2Crew and especially VoxATC but P2A mostly recognized only the call sign but not the remaining content of the request/report to atc. Not sure if it is a "bug" or my or generally problem?)

So I couldn't solid check that because I don't know if the "misunderstanding" caused by voice recognition or missed correlation in P2A's code.


Otherwise Sayit haven't  a request like that. So if I doesn't reech the voice recognition I also couldn't specify a RWY in that way.


Better you check it.

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