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TUTORIAL: PMDG 777 Flight | VOR Approach | WINDSHEAR

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Hello all,


This weekend I had some time and will to record this tutorial! Thought I might share it with you guys!


Now, the interesting part for those of you who already know how to fly the 777 is PART 4. In this part I explain how a VOR Approach is flown playing with the MCP Altitude and V/S windows to anticipate for step descents.


Also, I happened to have bad enough luck (or good enough, depends) to have a GO AROUND aural warning during final approach. You can see the aircraft going from OVERSPEED to STALL as it flies through the microburst. If you just want to see this part, click here!.


Finally, upon landing, I floated past the TouchDown Zone but landed anyway to a desastrous result. Anyway, it's good to see what happens when you don't properly prepare for the flight. I decided to upload the video still instead of re-recording the whole thing because I still think it's educational enough, there's lessons to be learnt here from my mistakes.


LEAVE ANNOTATIONS ON - At some points I will correct my own mistakes after having consulted with the FCOM.


Part 1 - Cockpit Preparation and Start-Up


Part 2 - Take-Off and Climb-Out


Part 3 - Approach Preparation during Cruise


Part 4 - Descent, First VOR Approach & Go Around, Second VOR Approach & Landing


Hope you find these videos enjoyable and educational! Any input of any sort is really appreciated!

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