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vr1 unhandled exceptions

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Hello Dave,


I tested LFML to LEPA without problems.


After that I would test the line up and wait without take-off clearence problem (unauthorized backtrack to extended runway treshold) on LSZH RWY14 Gulf. No more problem with Alright.

Also the not loaded airways reported by Solvair are fixed.

All nice.


Loaded real weather and restarted my testflight LSZH/LOWW. Routing RW34 DEGE2F DEGES  KPT UL856 GISPO LOWW.


After takeoff the first handover to Center was alright. Flew the SID without problems. After DEGES short before KPT was the second Center handover from 124.62 to 126.80 instructed. Unable to readback. Instead > unhandled exception "null reference".


No way to fix. No way to continue a controlled flight. Also no luck with disconnecting from simulator and connecting again. Sure I was able to interact with P2A such as to ask the right frequency or report altitude but P2A ignoring the filed flightplan and calculated TOD. Tried a "Clearance request" to activate the flightplan from present position generated an unhandled exception message again. Also requests to descent or for approach > always unhandled exceptions.


So this brings me to the generally question how can I activate an FPL inflight? How about Alternates during flight?

As long I assumed to change the destination and routing from present position and transmit the new flightplan by pressing the "file button". Eventually I will get an automatic respond that the new flightplan is active and the Center instuct me for the changed route. Eventually I have to request a new clearance.

But P2A doesn't work that way?

How about Y-flightplans (inflight change from VFR to IFR)?

Or these are no planned features?





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Hi Dave,


very carefuly assumption ... could it be that the unhandled exceptions causes only by the use of special grammars (Sayit).


My observation is, that the handovers are without problems as long as I'm on climbing and switch over with "climbing to altitude".

Also no problems with handovers after level out and report "at altitude".

But got unhandled exception with the phrase "WITH YOU at altitude".


As I tested again "my" testflight LSZH/LOWW (see above) I used at every handover only the "at altitude" phrase without any unhandled exception. Yesterday instead used the "WITH YOU" report on handover as I got the unhandled exception.


And today I tested LOWW/EDDT with handovers from TWR to CTR's 124.82 > 124.32 > 126.52 > 127.22 > EDDB APP only with "at altitude" or "climb/descent to altitude" but never used the "WITH YOU" phrase and everything was okay.


Could that be the cause or is it accidental?




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Thanks for the follow-up.  I am on the LSZH - LOWW flight right now and used the "WITH YOU" without an error.  In fact, the use of "With You" is considered bad radio form in the US...but lots of people still use it, so it's in the SayIt library.


I will contact you directly to request additional information to see if we can figure out the unhandled exception.




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