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vr1 unnecessary reset SpeechAssistant DropDownMenue on every frequency change

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Hello Dave,


after takeoff I'm usually a long time in "report-mode" instead of "request-mode". Although with every frequency change the menu items reset to "standard" (Request/leave frequency). But during flight on center handovers I mostly only have to pick up the "climb/descent to" or the "at current altitude" report because the other readbacks appears automatically (suggested by Sayit).

So it's nerving (sry) to search for the needed altitude report on every handover again due to the reindexed menu items.


I know that the menuitems are changes depending of the ATC Center (APP, DEP, Graund, TWR ...) and that should the reason for the "item reset".

But isn't it possible to check if the "before switch selected item" also listed in the Center menueitems after switching and then letting the preselected item unchanged (or reset only in background and rebuild menuitems with the last preselected or at least with the same preselected category "report" instead back to "request"?)


How often you ask to leave frequency "for a minute" during flight?  (yoke)




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This has been on the improvements list for a while.  I'll see what it will take to get at least the staying on the same category between frequency changes done for the next release.




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