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MSI Afterburner Frame Rate Limiter doesn't work for FSX

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Hi to all,

I'm using Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX in Windowed DX10 Mode with VSync enabled using Reshade and I can't get the MSI frame limiter to work with this application. I've read in several posts that MSI afterburner frame limiter works in DX10 FSX. I don't care about the on screen display, i just want the frame limiter to work, that's all. I understand that with the Reshade overlay I have to tick CustomDirect3D Suport in the Rivatuner Statistics FSX profile. However, if I set Detect Application Level to anything higher than "None", then FSX will not start when Afterburner is running with a strange error message 38 saying that the text display device cannot be initiated (i don't remember the exact wording). If I set application detection level to "none", the game starts and Reshade is injected correctly, but the frame limiter doesn't work. (frames jumping all over the place, so probably VSync is not working as well?) So I tried setting application detection level to "low" then start FSX with afterburner NOT running and once a flight has loaded, kick in MSI afterburner. Then frames immediately get limited to a ridiculous and unplayable level of 2 frames (having set target 30 fps in Riva Tuner Statistics). Any help to resolve the issue is appreciated because I need to find an external limiter working with FSX and I read in several posts that MSI afterburner can be used to do this.

Same problem by the way with Evga Precision tool (which is also based on Riva Tuner, no?). I've also tried the SSAA tool by Tommti Systems which also comes with a frame limiter and of course the NVidia Inspector built-in one, but none of them seems to work. DXtory crashes my FSX already at startup, so if you cannot help to solve my Afterburner problem, perhaps you know an alternative frame limiter for my setting I haven't tried yet?


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