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Lear 35A - pressurization system

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after a couple of flights with the new Lear 35A I can definitely say that it is a gread addon!

With the GTN750 and a WXR gauge it is almost perfect.


A small issue that caught my attention was the working of the pressurization system. Cabin press and differential press are nicely displaying reasonable values in the respective gauge as the aircraft climbs or descends, however I have never seen the cabin VSI display any climb/descend indication, despite the fact that of course the cabin altitude changes during climbs and descends.

The needle is always pegged at 0 fpm.


Would be nice if this could be looked into.




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Same here. 


I also notice that the standby altimeter does not display exactly the same as the main altimeter.  The standby alt is 1/100th off.  For example, if main altimeter is set to 29.92, the standby is 29.93.  If I set 29.92 in standby, then the main altimeter kohlsman setting reads 29.91, etc.  Certainly not a big deal, just a very mild annoyance.


One more thing I noticed is in the load manager.  If fuel is set to light load, the gross weight total reads correctly.  However, if fuel load is set to medium or heavy, the gross weight readout does not take the increased fuel load into account.  Again, minor.


I am having a great time with this plane.  I had been flying the Flight 1 Mustang (great plane!) but was beginning to get spoiled by the high degree of automation.  Wanted a bizjet, but wanted a more hands on, old school style of flying--managing thrust, autopilot, systems, etc.  This Learjet fits the bill perfectly!  An enjoyable learning curve, but once learned, a real sense of accomplishment!


--Randall Griffin

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I agree.

That makes it especially important that the systems are modeled as good as possible.


The Mustang is great, but it is terribly slow for a business jet, with a quite limited range on top of that.

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