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  1. Some things finally come true. Amazing! Thanks for that mod!
  2. Well I hope to see David‘s LLBG for P3D v4 as soon as it is possible. I have been following his work and what can be seen already is awesome. I hope David won‘t get caught up in perfectionism and delay the release over and over again.
  3. ok thanks. It will become interesting for me again once the navigational aspects have been improved.
  4. Hi, Is the NGXu finally capable of handling RF (radius to fix) legs or does it still use the „old“ PMDG navdata format? Thanks
  5. Sorry for the late reply. Been quite busy recently. Definitely interested. Will send email through PM.
  6. Having read a bit around on the RXP GTN forums it appears that LinkVor = true is a requirement for vertical guidance autopilot approach coupling to work. So it appears that the Lear 35 RMI must learn to deal with this and keep both VOR channels open independent of GPS mode or ILS coupling ( the latter only using VOR1 and not blocking VOR2 as well).
  7. Hi, using latest GTN 750 in P3D v4.4 I have the GTN configured to use „simulator“ as clock source. That works fine as to the fact that the GTN will start up with the time set in P3D. However, when using time acceleration, this will have no effect on the elapsed time when using the flight timers within the GTN. The clock speed of the GTN will stay at 1x, which of course gives totally wrong results for time accelerated flights. Should the GTN clock speed not adapt to simulator speed when clock source is set to „simulator“ ?
  8. Now, as far as I can see, when LinkVor = false, the glide slope *is* there for LPV approaches. The problem is that the red vertical GS flags across the sides of ADI and HSI do not clear away. Next to the red flags, on the right side, you can see a tiny yellow arrow tip that moves with vertical guidance in case an LPV approach is active. It appears that the flags obstruct the yellow vertical guidance pointers. You can even see more of the yellow vertical guidance if the deviation is big so the yellow arrows go above or below the red flags. See here: https://ibb.co/G7X91FV However, on arming the GS on the autopilot system, GS will not be captured (presumably because the signal is flagged as invalid). Unless there is a setting in the RXP GTN.ini file other than LinkVor=true which kills the VOR indications on the RMI (please share!), I think the Lear ADI/HSI should take away the GS flags and make the autopilot accept the vertical signal as soon as there is any GS input and work properly with LinkVor = false
  9. I‘ll tinker with it some more. Let‘s see what I can come up with.
  10. if it wasn‘t for the LPV vertical guidance it would be perfect. VOR1 and 2 completely separated from GPS.
  11. Yes, that brings back both(!) VOR needles on the RMI independent of GPS or VLOC mode. But you lose RNAV/LPV vertical guidance 😞. That seems to require VOR linking to be set to true, I just tried it with LPV approaches into LFSB. No glide slope on Lear HSI with VOR linking in GTN disabled. Other ideas?
  12. Hi, I am using the latest Lear 35 together with a single RXP GTN unit (version The GTN, as a single unit, is configured to COM1/NAV1, so my expectation is that it would only occupy the VOR1 channel via GPS. I have put the frequency of a nearby VOR in both NAV1 and NAV2 and set both RMI needles to VOR. Now, look at this: In VLOC mode, both RMI needles indicate the selected VOR, as expected: https://ibb.co/W0z9jMV Now, the GTN is switched to GPS. Upon doing so, I lose the VOR1 indication on the RMI, since it is now coupled to the GPS. This works as expected: https://ibb.co/187jKrp Now, I add a waypoint to the flight plan in the GTN. Upon entering the waypoint, VOR2 indication on the RMI is lost: https://ibb.co/XLSm0h8 However, the VOR2 channel should not be affected by the GTN at all, since it is configured to take COM1/NAV1. What is wrong here? GTN config: [GTN_750_1] ; comma separated list of read only settings. locked = LinkOto,LinkCrs,LinkObs,LinkVor,AutoNavGps,AutoSelect,UseFailures,UseSimGpsCmds,LinkSimGps,AutoSavePln,UseAltMouse,UseLegacyVars ; is the master device if true. MasterDevice = true ReduceRate = true LinkCrs = true LinkObs = true LinkVor = true UseSimGpsCmds = true LinkSimGps = true UseAltMouse = true VFRcode = #7000 OwnshipIcon = BUSINESS_JET ; aviation db: 0: nav_db2_grm, 1: nav_db2, 2: nav_heli_db2_grmn, 3: nav_heli_db2 NavDbType = 1 VFRmode = VFR_EUR AFMS.rf_procedure_legs = 1 FuelType = JETA PowerSource = BUS_AVIONICS TawsSurface = HARD Rheostat.Display = 67 AutoNavSource = 1 Rheostat.Buttons = 67 UseFailures = true MasterVolume = 50 [GTN_750_1.DEFAULT] ; show screen only gauge if true. nobezel = false ; screen only border size (pixels). border.size = 0 ; screen only border color (#RGB or #RGBA). border.rgba = #000000 ; display mouse tooltips if true. tooltips = false ; enable mouse clickspots if true, disable if false. usemouse = true ; enable alternate click-spots (left CCW, right CW, middle Push) if true. usealtmouse = false ; enable touch beyond screen bounds if true (2D only), clip if false (GTN native). extendtouch = true ; auto-resize dimension (width,height) refsize = ; left mouse button on the screen toggles popup window by ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225) (requires SHIFT+left mouse button). popleft = ; right mouse button on the screen toggles popup window by ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225). popright = ; adjust brightness (0 to 100) brightness.bezel = 100 ; offset brightness (-100 to +100) brightness.screen = 0 Thanks for looking into this.
  13. I might add that while using IAS hold is the preferred mode in climb, V/S for climbing can be mandated in strong gusty and changing winds. In such conditions, IAS hold mode can lead to huge pitch oscillations resulting in bobbing motions as the aircraft chases IAS. Pretty uncomfortable for pax and pilots alike.
  14. +1 vote for fixing the landing and taxi lights. Really difficult to see taxi lanes and markings on the ground at night, on some payware airports even with only the taxi lights on. I tried to tinker around with the lighting based on what I found in the aircraft.cfg, but found that it has no effect. The lighting seems to be compiled into the model.
  15. I should have mentioned that I am using the RXP GTN. Sorry. No F1 here. Been flying a lot lately, but first time I run into this.
  16. Hi, Please have a look at the following: https://ibb.co/d4dXqwV The Lear is tracking the flightplan correctly, but with constant lateral offset. This happened on the second leg. First leg from freshly started P3D was without issues, for approach GPS was switched to VLOC to shoot an ILS. On turnaround, without restarting P3D, after new flight plan inserted in GTN, GPS guidance was again selected, and flight plan was flown with the observed lateral offset. GTN is configued to automatically adjust the HSI course. Sim is P3D v4.4 on Win 10. Any ideas?
  17. As I was suspecting, none of the GPS approaches you mentioned has vertical guidance by design. The RNAV part only gives lateral guidance. An RNAV approach with vertical guidance requires RNAV/LNAV or RNAV/LPV designations and minima. Compare to e. g. the RNAV approach charts for Teterboro (KTEB) which should come up with vertical guidance.
  18. Lear 35's with GTN are not that uncommon. But interesting to see it was built into a Falcon 50. Nice find! If only we had GTN crossfill available, it would be the icing on the cake 🙂
  19. What was the actual approach you were flying? Not all RNAV approaches have vertical guidance.
  20. Thanks for the information. At least the issue has been identified now. Looking forward to the next update!
  21. Toying a bit more around with this, I realized the same and can confirm your observations. Hopefully RXP will look into this.
  22. I have experimented further. I get the correct fuel quantity in the GTN if a swap units for fuel quantity within the GTN itself back and forth, e. g. swapping from pounds to kg gives me the correct quantity in kg. Swapping back to lbs then yields the correct weight. Unfortunately, that needs to be done every time when the aircraft is loaded. Wonder why the GTN can't get it right in the first place when loading up .. panel.cfg section is: //--------------------------Designed by FLYSIMWARE! 2017------------------------------ [Window Titles] Window00=CONTROL_PANEL Window01=AIRCRAFT_OPTIONS Window02=Reality XP GTN Unit 1 (managed) Window03=START_INSTRUCTIONS Window04=DOOR_INSTRUCTIONS Window05=PAYLOAD_MANAGER Window06=WX Advantage Radar [Window00] file_1024=Control_Panel.bmp size_mm=1024,1876 window_size=0.27 position=3 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 visible=1 ident=CONTROL_PANEL gauge00=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard fuel repair, 50,320,340,320 gauge01=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard map, 50,650,340,300 gauge02=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard atc, 50,965,340,280 gauge03=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard GPS, 50,1250,340,220 gauge04=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard CABIN LIGHTS, 490,465,35,35 gauge05=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard LUGGAGE LIGHTS, 490,530,35,35 gauge06=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard DOOR LIGHTS, 490,595,35,35 gauge07=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard kneeboard, 445,1005,530,400 gauge08=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard OPTIONS, 485,1760,520,110 gauge09=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard COLDDARK, 550,800,300,70 gauge10=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard HOTSTART, 550,870,300,70 [Window01] file_1024=spec_sheet.bmp size_mm=1050,1050 window_size=0.55 position=5 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 visible=0 ident=AIRCRAFT_OPTIONS gauge00=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard DOOR, 302,117,94,113 gauge01=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard baggage, 380,299,68,41 gauge02=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard baggage image, 453,253,145,87 gauge03=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard pilot, 928,471,72,57 gauge04=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard pilot2, 757,471,72,57 gauge05=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard headset, 846,497,64,49 gauge06=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard sunglasses, 846,471,64,21 gauge07=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard wheel chocks, 131,254,62,44 gauge08=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard PLUGS, 715,85,220,90 gauge09=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard pilot image, 881,317,155,145 gauge10=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard pilot2 image, 718,317,155,145 gauge11=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard Shades, 332,400,123,62 gauge12=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard FUEL QUANTITY, 0,0,1050,1050 gauge13=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard FUEL MAP 1, 311,885,430,30 gauge14=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard FUEL MAP 2, 311,885,430,30 gauge15=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard FUEL ENG 1, 369,973,57,28 gauge16=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard FUEL ENG 2, 628,973,57,28 gauge17=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard FUEL XFER L, 290,801,164,108 gauge18=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard FUEL XFER R, 598,801,164,108 gauge19=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard OPTIONS, 13,12,427,72 gauge20=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard START INST, 17,524,161,75 gauge21=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard GPU, 840,208,181,85 gauge22=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard DOORLOCK, 373,235,37,37 gauge23=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard DOOR INST, 188,524,161,75 gauge24=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard PAYLOAD, 17,352,161,75 [Window02] size_mm=100,100 window_pos=0.000000,0.101010 window_size=0.487662,0.797980 visible=1 always_visible=0 zorder=99 background_color=0,0,0 ident=15751 gauge00=rxpGTN!GTN_750_1, 0, 0,100,100 gauge01=CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard GTN750 REALITYXP 1, 0,39,14,55 [Window03] file_1024=START_INSTRUCTIONS.bmp size_mm=800,800 window_size=0.45 position=3 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 VISIBLE=0 ident = 802 [Window04] file_1024=DOOR_INSTRUCTIONS.bmp size_mm=800,800 window_size=0.45 position=3 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 VISIBLE=0 ident = 805 [Window05] size_mm=800,800 window_size=0.45 position=3 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 VISIBLE=0 ident = 801 gauge00=PAYLOAD_MANAGER!PAYLOAD, 0,0,800,800 [Window06] ident = 71 visible = 0 sizeable = 1 size_mm = 419,381 position = 0 window_size = 0.343511450381679,0.556719107690809 window_pos = 0,0 gauge00 = MV_WX!WX2D,0,0,419,381,1 gauge01 = MV_WX!WX,64,121,291,205,1 gauge02 = CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard RADAR, 9,81,400,300 [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=900,900 visible=1 pixel_size=900,900 texture=$gps_1 gauge00=Learjet_35A!SYSTEM, 0,0,2,2 gauge01=Learjet_35A!FUEL_USED, 0,0,2,2 gauge02=Learjet_35A!FUEL_SYS, 0,0,2,2 gauge03=Learjet_35A!CLICK, 0,0,2,2 gauge04=Learjet_35A!SOUNDS, 0,0,2,2 gauge05=Learjet_35A!ALERTS, 0,0,2,2 gauge06=Learjet_35A!AP_MODES, 0,0,2,2 gauge07=Learjet_35A!SPD_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 gauge08=Learjet_35A!ALT_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 gauge09=Learjet_35A!VS_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 gauge10=Flysimware_Lear35A_Fuel_Dump_x64!Fuel_Dump, 0,0,2,2 gauge11=FBGS_XMLSound_x64!FBGS_XMLSound, 0,0,1,1,Sound\MT#81 gauge12=Learjet_35A!KEYS, 0,0,2,2 gauge13=FLYSIMWARE_CONSOLE!Navigation_REALITY750_1, 0,0,2,2
  23. Well, I could make the GTN pick up the correct fuel quantity, but with a detour: Went into the GTN itself, System setup, units section. Swapped units for fuel from lbs to kg, and lo and behold, I got the correct fuel weight in kilograms. Swapped back to lbs, and finally got the correct fuel weight in lbs. Sadly, that doesn't stick. I have to do the unit swapping trick every time I load the aircraft for the GTN to pick up the correct fuel weight.
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