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  1. randallgriffin

    Operations Center

  2. randallgriffin

    Operations Center

    I cannot access the Operations Center. This message pops up: An exception has occured! Please contact PMDG support by submitting a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com for help with resolving this issue. Press "Copy to clipboard" below and then paste the information into your support ticket. Additionally, a log file has been created at: c:\users\randall griffin\appdata\roaming\pmdg\pmdg operations center\PMDG Operations Center.log Please attach this file to better help us fix this issue. The application will now exit. 09/15/17 20:16:47 Exception: Access Violation at 0x0 00D30000 C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center\PMDG Operations Center.exe +00023D3D (D72C80, 2E032A, D543D3) 00D30000 C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center\PMDG Operations Center.exe +00026ACC (D56090, 2E032A, 0) 74DE0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll +00008E71 (2E032A, 110, 280354) 74DE0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll +0001F730 (D56090, 2E032A, 110) 74DE0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll +0001F6C8 (110, 280354, 0) 74DE0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll +0001F2D7 (2E032A, 110, 280354) 74DE0000 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll +00032A05 (FF91A0, 0, 110) Ayy suggestions?
  3. randallgriffin

    What I Would Like to see in an Update

    Are any further updates in the works for the Learjet? --Randall Griffin
  4. randallgriffin

    What I Would Like to see in an Update

    I didn't know that about the stand-by altimeter. However, the problem I'm seeing is that while the altimeter setting on the main altimeter reads, for example, 29.92, the stand-by shows 29.91. There is a 1/100th inch difference between the two settings, no matter what altitude/elevation. It seems to me that the setting on one should be the same as the other. And in this sim, the two cannot be set independently. --Randall Griffin
  5. randallgriffin

    Lear 35A fuel burn question

    I don't know. I use FltPlan.com for my flight planning, and use the Learjet 35 profile on their website. Once I enter the route, FltPlan.com calculates best altitude, time enroute, fuel burn, true airspeed, groundspeed, etc. according to the forecast enroute weather. Note that FltPlan.com is primarily for real world flight planning. When flying the Flysimware Learjet according to the flight plan, I find that the fuel burn is usually quite accurate. If it is off, it is not off by much. The calculated flight time is usually quite accurate, no more than two minutes off. (By the way, I use ASN for weather.) I generally cruise at .72 to ,73 mach. Predicted TAS and groundspeed are pretty close to what I actually see in flight. Just my experience. --Randall Griffin
  6. The Learjet is a wonderful plane. I have about 45 hours on it. But I would like to see the following addressed in the next update: 1. Pressurization system: The cabin climb/descent guage doesn't seem to work. It stays on zero, even in climbs and descents. 2. Standby altimeter: The standby altimeter seems to be off slightly, as it doesn't match the main altimeter. 3. Is there a way that autopilot pitch changes can be made without having to switch off the vertical pitch mode in order to manually set the pitch, then reengaging the mode? 4. Also, when radio altimeter is on, I get the "Don't sink" warning, even though descending at 500-700 fpm on approach. Also, are there any repaints available besides the 3 on the website? Thanks. --Randall Griffin
  7. randallgriffin

    Lear 35A - pressurization system

    Same here. I also notice that the standby altimeter does not display exactly the same as the main altimeter. The standby alt is 1/100th off. For example, if main altimeter is set to 29.92, the standby is 29.93. If I set 29.92 in standby, then the main altimeter kohlsman setting reads 29.91, etc. Certainly not a big deal, just a very mild annoyance. One more thing I noticed is in the load manager. If fuel is set to light load, the gross weight total reads correctly. However, if fuel load is set to medium or heavy, the gross weight readout does not take the increased fuel load into account. Again, minor. I am having a great time with this plane. I had been flying the Flight 1 Mustang (great plane!) but was beginning to get spoiled by the high degree of automation. Wanted a bizjet, but wanted a more hands on, old school style of flying--managing thrust, autopilot, systems, etc. This Learjet fits the bill perfectly! An enjoyable learning curve, but once learned, a real sense of accomplishment! --Randall Griffin
  8. randallgriffin

    FYI Turbine Duke V2 release

    As far as I'm concerned, Realair customer service is top notch. I've emailed Rob a couple of times with questions, and he has always responded in a timely and friendly fashion. Having flightsimmed for almost 20 years, and having purchased hundreds of addons (planes, scenery, utilities, etc) from scores of publishers, I must say that Realair provides the absolute best fsx addon experience: excellent products plus outstanding support. --Randall Griffin
  9. randallgriffin

    How can I get all the fixes?

    Coulf you also send your fixes to me? randall.griffin@att,net Thanks!