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Names Missing From Main Pull-down Menu Tabs

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Just installed Steve's DX10 Fixer in FSX-SE.  (Windows7, stand alone FSX-SE installation) So far, everything works as advertised...except.

The headings (words)  in the main screen pull-downs are missing. The tabs are there and fully functional, but no words. At first, the tab background was a pixilated mess, but somewhere during the flight, the tabs went almost void - all background color with only a few darker colored lines across at a 45 degree angle. Almost like the font was trying to display at a much different resolution or size (my humble guess).

Oddly enough, the main on-screen menus appear and function just fine.

I have made several modifications to my NVIDIA profile as recommended in a Mutley's Hangar review of the fixer dated February, 2014. I hesitate to go mucking about blindly in the profile file as I might make a bigger mess of things.

I have been trolling the net looking for any similar occurrence but have yet to find anything.

All help would be appreciated.




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What happens in windowed mode, what happens in dx9, what happens in dx10 if you uninstall the fixer libraries and run in default dx10 preview?


Have you enabled DSR?

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Hi Steve

Thanks for the reply.

I will try to keep this as short and concise as possible.



Windows 7 Professional  64  SP1

Dell T3400 8gb RAM

Intel Core2 Quad CPU

NVIDIA Quadro 4000


FSX-SE   v10.0.62615.0


It’s not the latest and greatest system, so many advantages of DX10 may go unnoticed. What I was looking for initially was the obvious like cockpit and ground shadows, no "black boxes" and such and less technical like an increase in frame rates or dazzling video performance.


DX10 Preview Mode:  along with a few NVIDIA Inspector tweaks, courtesy of Mutley’s Hangar,  was successful except for the  “black box” effect on ORBX ground lighting.


DX10 Fixer:  Installed and configured the DX10 fixer, installed the libraries with no problems.

FSX loaded and performed with no problems except for the displaying of the font in the pull-down menu tabs – all fully functional. On screen menus loaded with no problems. All fonts display correctly.

All fonts on 2D and 3D panels display correctly.


What I saw: As expected, nice smooth cockpit shadows, night illumination on aircraft and AI aircraft. Strobe lights illuminated ground. No “black box” on ORBX ground lights. And very smooth graphic performance.


So..what did I try: My FSX loads in window mode. Tried Full screen, tried dragging window to second screen, tried shrinking the window screen size. System reset. Cold boot. Only discernible change was how FSX was trying to display the fonts on the tab. Sometimes it was chunky pixels, or small pixels, sometimes just a few jagged lines at a 45 degree angle.

Down shifting back to DX9 did restored the tabs.

DSR setting in fixer was set to “none” for all of the above. To my knowledge, it was never activated in the NI

All NI mods were made in the MS Flight Simulator X profile


Given the success of the DX10 Fixer and DX10 in general with FSX-SE, and the total lack of similar problems reported, I have to think that my problem is isolated to the changes I made to the NI file. I did not uninstall the fixer or it's libraries.


And now: I reset the NI to factory defaults keeping the DX10 Fixer active. Tabs are back in DX10, and everything works as it should, although I did notice maybe a reduction in night illumination of aircraft ( all tested at FlightBeam’s KDEN ) . Not sure what else I may have lost. Some posts say they run DX10 and fixer with no changes to the NI and this is fine. Guess you don't know what your missing if you don't know what your missing...


What next:  I intend to put back the NI mods one section at a time and try and isolate the cause. I have downloaded a different NI configuration from the AVSIM site and will look at those settings individually as well. If I happen to discover the offending NI line, I will see what, if any, effect the DSR setting has on it.




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That's a comprehensive and clear reply.   Please report back with your findings.



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