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Those of you with stutters in P3Dv3.x...

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I am noticing a consistent theme for me and when I experience stutters and am curious if anyone else sees this same behavior...


For me, on my system without changing any settings or anything between flights, I see by far the worst stuttering when I do a flight that transitions from "morning" to "afternoon".  The sim is virtually stutter free at all other times of the day, even flying the exact same legs with the exact same settings.  I can even do a flight the ends before this "morning/afternoon" transition time or one that departs after this time and it's smooth sailing.  But cross this time of day change and the remainder of the flight is a stutter fest.


Take my current flight for instance.  I departed KMCO(Taxi2Gate) around 230p local time and am currently enroute to KPVD.  I was smooth all the way until about 30-45 mins ago when now, even at FL410, I am seeing stutters every few seconds.  The flight prior to this, KATL(ImagineSim) to KMCO(Taxi2Gate) which arrived in KMCO before this "transition time"(around 2p local time), had no issues at all.  Smooth all the way.  A couple days ago though, I did the same leg(KATL-KMCO) and did cross this "transition time" and my descent into KMCO again was nothing but stutters.  Almost to where I quit the flight.


So I am really curious to know if anyone else sees this and/or maybe if this is already a known issue and I just haven't seen a post about it?  Also, I do want to spell out more completely here, the "transition time" or "morning/afternoon" time I'm talking about isn't at 1200 noon.  But, it's some time in the afternoon maybe where the sun goes from a more east position to a more west position?  I don't know.  Just throwing out a theory or some way to make sense of it.


Addons in use are various 3rd party airports from the usual suspects depending on where I'm flying(Aerosoft, FSDreamteam, FlightBeam, FlyTampa etc).  Orbx Global, OpenLC(in those areas, CA and the EU), Orbx regions(Most NA regions and EU Norway), PMDG 737, ASN, REX w/ soft clouds, Ultimate Traffic v2, Pro ATC X(running on separate computer).


I have HDR on, Vsync and triple buffering in the sim, FPS unlimited in the sim but set to 20FPS via NI.  Scenery sliders are mid-to above mid but not all right.  Again though, none of these settings change between flights.  These are always constant and at any other times of day I can maintain a mostly smooth flight w/ an occasional slight stutter here and there but nothing worth worrying about.


Anyway, thoughts?  Is this just me?  Or is there some truth to this "transition time" theory and stutters?

Actually, on a complete change of faith here or something, ASN was not giving me a complete weather briefing for my arrival airport as I just begun my descent.  So, I ended up quitting ASN and re-starting it and now the sim is smooth as silk again.  No stutters.  They have disappeared.  So add that to the mix.  Maybe it's an ASN issue of some sort?  Maybe a combination of something that's happening w/ the weather and the time of day and maybe this "transition time", I don't know.  But this is very weird.  I wish I would have tried this earlier though.  I'm currently using ASN 5921 I believe.

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Several days ago I found out that by disabling the NVI limiter and keep my Unlimited + VSync I am getting a small performance boost ( read : less occasional jitters with multiple cloud layers and multiple visibility layers in ASN ) ....

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