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refueling tu-144

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Before you do anything at all you must press the "Lamp test" button on and off. This button is situated in the middle of the glare shield on the main panel.


On the flight engineer's panel you have in the fuel section a turn knob via which you can pump fuel to and from the rear trim tank in order to set the very important fore/aft trim. Set it to "Auto" and your trim problem will automatically be taken care of. A (trim) gauge to the left of this knob shows two horizontal red lines and the white line should always be between these before take off and during flights. When the white line is outside either of the two red ones the "Auto" pumping process can take some time before the correct trim is achieved. Note that this (trim) gauge does not display actual fuel loads but only the fore - aft trim.


The actual fuel loads per tank are displayed by the round instruments in the fuel section, the two top ones for the left and right tanks. The others display whatever you have set via the "Aircraft/Fuel and Payload/Change fuel" drop down menu, with the bottom one displaying the total of all tanks.


I hope this will help you to fly this wonderful aircraft.


Good luck


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