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Zinertek - HD Airport Graphics, - Major Problems

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I need some help, if possible.  I have sent Zinertek an email, and am waiting to see if they can help.


Often manufacturers are unable to provide proper support [i hope this is not the case here].


This is an email that I sent them that explains the problems:


VERY serious problems:


With this program, GEX v2.1, and third party aircraft, such as from Carenado, Alabeo, and so on.  I fly mostly light to medium twin engine turboprop and piston twins, [i almost never fly default FSX aircraft default FSX aircraft - they look ugly on my 40 inch monitor].


Sometimes ground traffic were shells, sometimes other aircraft were shells, worse, my non-default aircraft had serious problems ranging from BSOD, the game locking up, screen going black, my own plane becoming a shell, the screen for MS FSX in the Free Flight tab, sometimes would be black after a flight.


Long flights were a problem, if I stopped for fuel and had to call a truck for fuel the screen would become black or the aircraft became invisible after refueling.  And, there were more problems, however, I feel this is enough for anyone to get the picture.


My computer:


MS FSX with SP2

Flight1 Ground Environment X North America [GEX]

Many third parth aircraft


CPU:  I5 3570K at 4.0GHz or 4.4GHz if needed [air cooled]

Video card:  MSI GTX 980 Ti Lightning LE, Driver version:  364.72

Mainboard:  Gigabyte Z77X-D3H [6 phases for CPU]

RAM:           24GB G.Skill CAS 9, 1800

SSD:           Samsung 850 Pro [boot drive], Intel 335 series

HHD:          4TB Western Digital Black [for back-up programs]

Optical:       Pioneer BDR-209DBK  [CD to Blu-ray]


I forgot to tell them my OS:  Windows 7 Pro.  I will inform them.

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Hi Dan,

 I just read your post. Do you have any tweaks in your FSX cfg file? 

One in particular good must-have is the HIGHMEMFIX. There are issues without it, like aircraft etc looking like skeletons among other issues. This is just a guess, but may help if you never have done anything to your FSXcfg file.

I've copied instructions here if it helps. 


You can find the FSXcfg file in the following directory (Win7):



This folder might be hidden, but you can change this in the Explorer: Tools/Folder options/view/show hidden files


Once You have located the FSX.cfg simply open it with notepad.


Find this section:



After that a number of lines appear

Simply add to the end or the first entry of that section:



I don't think its just related to Zinertek, but an overall FSX issue. 


Jim Young is a great asset to the Avsim Staff here and also has an incredible guide for FSX/P3D that really will eliminate using bad tweaks that can make things worse than better. Highly recommended... Its on the right side of the home page here.

I've provided the link for you below:


I've been rather busy lately, but love to help people here when I can every chance. I hope this information provided will assist you.

If you're not familiar with something, always ask before you pull any triggers so you don't mess things up. The community here is absolutely amazing and answers are never far away.  


Best, Jeff

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