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FPS Issues

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I would like to switch from FSX:SE to X-Plane - I've bought A330 from Jar Design (big dissapointment), B767 from FlightFactor (great), Skymaxx, and few other addons. Now I'm in a phase of FPS tuning in display settings. I started from lowes possible setting and went up to situation I like (but still no shadows and HDR). I have i5 (4.4 GHz and GTX 660 with 3GB RAM). Result is 20 FPS in B767, but if I lower the resolution in the display settings my FPS will go up to 70. Then I change resolution back to 1920x1080 and FPS will stay at 70.


Is it normal? Sometimes it drop back to 20 and I have to repeat the trick. Now I know that my system can give me pretty fluiid sim, but how to fix this?


Thanks for advice


Milan Zikmund

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Hi There,


Welcome to the world of X-Plane,


Can you share a screenshot of your rendering settings & SkyMaxx settings so others can also offer some advice. Are you using any HDMesh?


X-Plane is a completely different beast to FSX. I too converted about a year ago and haven't looked back. You need to be careful with your rendering settings as you will go through your 3GB of VRAM in a heartbeat. I have a GTX980TI STRIX with 6GB and can easily max out the VRAM. My custom built PC is no slouch but let me tell you I can still bring it to it's knees !


Why are you dissapointed with the 330? I know it isn't  PMDG 777 but none the less a great bird.


X-Plane is a learning curve but stick wit it and you won't look back

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I'm using these addons:

- Flightfactor 767

- Skymaxx 3.1

- Real Weather Connector

- HD Mesh v3

- w2xp


Here is my ingame settings:

and Skymaxx:


I'm happy how it looks and how it moves Even in really bad weather it's still moving about 40-45 FPS. When skies are cleared its about 70-75. Just want to get rid off the resolution switching.



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