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SMP is sure kicking some serious performance butt!

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I concur with a few others, flying with the latest version...I have been creeping up the 4 cloud rendering sliders on a flight this morning between KTOL and KMYR, ...and at mid-point on the slider bars, with this new version I was easily maintaining my locked 30 FPS.  Very fast cloud updates, etc...very happy with the new performance...but, I am now at full right on the four  sliders bars...totally maxed out rendering...and yet still can pull a steady 25 FPS!  This is quite amazing!!!!


Here is a pic enroute with the cloud sliders all now max'ed.  I can absolutely live with a mean average FPS rendering of 25 FPS...with output like this...multiple layers, very fast cloud up-take.  Kudos to the X-Aviation team work...and VERY FAST, responsive guys are the best!  GREAT customer is obvious that you want the best program experience passed onto the User, in live time.


Thank you Cameron,and SunDog!


This shot is with SMP and Weather Connector in AUTO.    FL230 enroute....  all four cloud rendering sliders max'ed...all else at default, except clouds at SOFT setting.


Post Edit:  I also upped my TDR reset to 10 seconds in the Registry.  I had a couple of TDR CTD's at 8 seconds, and putting it to 10 seconds on the two Dwords (64bit), TDR's don't show up. It is because I am the MAX Guy...I wanna squeeze out every last drop of the tech that I pay for...within the sim, as well as upon the GPU.  There are ways, you CAN have your cake and get to eat it too...across all your sims....ya just have to be sneaky about :hi:


Just had a 2 second complete cloud change up....just beautiful at this rendering setting, Thank you SunDog and Cameron...puts the 'happy' in the smile  :wink:
Last shot in post, or I'll get kicked out to the Screen Shot Forum.  LOL!
Just had to make THIS one the last one...just changed up instantly to multiple layers, overcast...and I call THIS solid overcast!  Even ASN and REX4 Direct, doesn't put this depiction
Final shot to show a change-up in about two minutes beyond the full overcast depiction...and look at the depth and muti-layers of the clouds in this SMP/Weather Connector depiction in live time.  True depth of field there, folks...clouds just under my fuselage, with a layer sneaking below that.  Ok...have to shut down the flight, get into the shower, dress in some leathers, and then pull the bike out of the garage...the better-half reminded me of the time, lol.  Yeah, yeah...flight sim'ming is one of my immersive Have a great and sunny day folks...especially for you around the Lower Great Lakes....the throttle hand twists, and the Goldwing moves on out...  Bye-Bye, Xplane...see ya is good...very gooooooooooooooooooooood!  :dance: Especially with the Spring sunshine...

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